03 November 2019

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L oil change

Changing the oil in a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L in line 6 motor.

okay if you started up your vehicle and

you've got this performed service like come on let's see what it says here miles zero miles to service this is your oil change indicator on a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and today that's what I'm gonna cover if you haven't figured it out by now this is an oil changing video on a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee inline 6-cylinder now as you can see the engine is up to temp right there's the engine temp we're up to temperature now I'm gonna pull the vehicle up on the grams I like to use car ramps because it makes it easier for me to get underneath them underneath the car to do the oil change let's get it up on the ramps okay tools are gonna need to change the oil on a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee yes you're gonna need a 16 millimeter wrench to take the drain plug out you're gonna need an oil filter wrench that fits your oil filter then you see here this is my oil filter and it fits and you're gonna need to oil so in this particular Jeep I run 10w30 and I use Mobil 1 in all my vehicles and I got me a Mobil 1 air filter or oil filter an m12 o4a and I need a suitable container to catch all the oil while I'm draining it so

first things first let's drain the oil you guys might think this is kind of large it's an old Uline storage container or parts container type of thing but I like it because it has a nice sight high sidewalls does it it helps contain the splatter and I really enjoy that so let's get after changing oil the first thing put the oil container underneath the oil pan we'll take our 16 millimeter wrench and remove the drain plug once we crack at least with the wrench well back the plug out and drain the oil oh it was draining well let that drain till it slows to a drip well that's straining we're gonna remove the oil filter on this particular motor it's a straight inline 6-cylinder and the oil filter is on the passenger side of the motor and you can see it right there it's a frame I'm replacing it with a mobile one no it's kind of dark in here but we got the oil filter wrench on counterclockwise to remove and this really is dark in there isn't it anyway so once you got it broke loose you can spin it free by hand once you have the old oil filter out it's good to do a comparison for size to make sure this

diameter this family alike then you're relatively confident you've got the right oil filter the next thing we're going to do if you take some oil and you put oil on that gasket now this is very important when you reinstall this turn it in turn it tilt it is hand tight up again it just makes contact with this gasket and then give it another 3/4 to 1 turn so you ready said right there plus 3/4 sometimes you can get one depending but that's tight enough you do not use the wrench to install your oil filter you can damage the oil filter and that will be a problem now that we have the oil filter installed let's go ahead and put a drain plug back in as you can see it's loaded to a drip so reinstall the drain plug then use your wrench the 16 millimeter wrench here and snug it down once you got the SmackDown wipe off the excess oil around the drain plug we're just about done with this job now last but not least and don't ever forget to do this put a while back in your engine well this particular engine takes approximately 6 quarts so I'm gonna put that in it once you've completed all of that go back to your where it says perform

service soon zero miles the service didn't hit your reset button and then I go back to 6000 then you're good for 6000 more enjoyable miles of motoring before you have to do this all over again that's a good idea to hang on to a couple of your old oil containers because then you can dump your old oil back into it and that way you can safely transport it without making a mess usually most of your automotive places take your recycled oil or take your oil and they recycle it at no cost alright folks I know that was a simple video I know it's changing the oil should be a simple thing but not a lot of people are gonna be interested and probably watching this video but if you've never changed the oil those are the simple steps you go through to do it hopefully gets your own your way to servicing and doing a lot of other service work on your vehicles watching some of the other videos that we do around here and making life easier for yourself so that literally only takes about less than 30 minutes to change your own oil quite frankly that's from start the motor up warming

it up driving it on here doing all that stuff less than 30 minutes so it's it's easy to do why not do it and Plus while you're under there looking at your vehicle when you change the oil you can look and see if there's other wet spots other drains other things going on under there that you might not notice otherwise and there's a good opportunity to take a good look at your tire trips right underneath there on the front let's see if your front end alignment looks good make sure your tires aren't wearing any unevenly so there's some advantages to doing it yourself just to be aware of your vehicle and some of its components so I appreciate you folks watching this vehicle stay tuned there's more to come more different things I do I'm gonna be doing this all winter I'm not gonna be doing as much boat stuff but I have a lead on a boat today it might come through may not we'll see you guys have fun out there be safe out there enjoy life Michael out