02 November 2019

2008-2012 Honda Accord Oil change

Hey guys, this is Jagger. On this video we are doing a quick oil change on a 2008-2012 Honda Accord 2.4 4cylinder . We are doing a budget build and fix video.

what is up guys today we're gonna do an

oil change on a 2011 Honda Accord ex-l and the tools we're gonna need is a zero ability 2000 filter funnel 17 socket a ratchet wheel catcher and let's do it next step first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna open up the oil cap right here I'm never gonna go underneath and show you where the drain plug in here tonight guys underneath the car we have the oil screw the filter you can use the 17 on this to work or 17 with this way whatever metal works use it for you and we just unscrew from here [Music] damn that suckers black just let it drain once it drains off a little bit then all right guys so then I already drained out all the oil once it's drained out torque it to a specific torque and I were gonna take the filter out Senor drip a little bit aye sir for the filter we took it out it has an original on the filter which are really good but since we are in a budget we're using this Fram ultra synthetic I like it because it has a nice group to take off here is the part number again you could go to your local Walmart two three bucks BAM same thing with the oil normally at the dealer or if you want to

go full on you use a synthetic from Castro 0w 20 but for this we're in the budget this is Walmart again I was like 13 bucks so closer and oil altogether was like 16 dollars not bad alright so one good thing to do is on a new filter just grab some oil lube that sucker up you need to go in smooth kill me so when you stall it this part doesn't get stuck or whatever alright just hand tight don't over tighten same thing with the bolt make sure hand tighten because there's a washer in there you can mess up the washer if you over turkey if you have a trigger can just hand time gently make sure all you got to do is to make sure is long guys now we're done doing everything in the bottom is on top one thing I like to do is make sure this part is clean take your time you clean it now we're going to put four to four point two quarts of oil a lot of people do four point five I believe that's too much just put four four four point two is the idle for two minutes and then we check it from an ad or if it's perfect alright guys so we're gonna reset the world life now so go in here we're gonna put the key in turn it to one turn it to - now we're gonna hold our our binary

that's we're just into all the categories so we're gonna hold it and I don't know if you guys see be in one those are the service types you need to do again you go on on Google and in search if it's B 1 B 1 2 3 B 1 3 or it could be a 1 2 and I'll tell you what the car needs so we'll click it here cold price tags like 15 second or 15 seconds and it should blink awesome we're gonna let go we're gonna click the button one more time for another 10-15 seconds you should be all the way to 100 oil life perfect one good practice I do is once that's done I go to my a trip I like to reset this as well to kind of keep in track how many miles I'm doing per percentage I always tend to do that with my gas as well to on on beat that trip B I've managed how much gas I do in all that stuff again so that was the easy way to do it so again so we turn the key to the key to follow the bone for 10 15 minutes it's gonna start flashing once the flashes let go looks like again for another 10 for 10 minutes seconds sorry and then it's gonna reset 100% all your life and then now we're gonna do we're

gonna turn it on put it on a flat surface let it idle for two minutes and then check the oil if it's on point and finish more oil if it's too much oil watch it from there alright alright alright guys so just pulled up to the Chevron real quick I like so it's coming after milling change because the floor is leveled out for a good reading for me that's my opinion yeah I just do it for a full minute make sure all the fluids are spread out everywhere all the oil isn't going good and now I'm just gonna check it and if we need to add we'll add more if not then we'll call it a night again there's a budget they gave in me to do oil changes and stuff like that so alright guys everything turned out to be perfectly smooth now the car is ready to go for a trip alright guys thank you for watching this video please like share and subscribe any questions or comment about any car or especially this Honda Accord please comment below and let me know you guys have a good one