04 November 2019

2009 Jeep Wrangler oil change with bonus footage and winter tips

A little Sunday Afternoon father daughter bonding. We did an oil change on her 2009 Jeep and winterized the air ride system on my Scat Pack Charger.

I don't do the mouth but I do a lot I'm

gonna make a toast cuz we still love no big sorry YouTube world I'm taking an opportunity today for a quick little video maybe not quit my daughter has a 2009 Jeep Wrangler and I'm taking an opportunity today this Sunday afternoon to go through vehicle maintenance with my daughter this is a jeep with already kinda high miles it's over 150 180 thousand mile Jeep but I want to take the opportunity to her to go over how to do an oil change how to change the air filter in the oil filter and make sure that all the fluids are topped off may seem like a medial task but I think it's something that someone who has a vehicle should understand how to maintain that vehicle to be able to check these things so this is gonna be a little father-daughter bonding time and I'm just going to try to have as much fun as you can with changing a little but it's gonna be an experience so we'll get to it here in a second we are going to start with changing out the air filter we have our oil or high mileage there's the air filter and I'm gonna use a genuine Mopar parts we're also gonna top off the washer fluid and check the

antifreeze level alright [Music] here Thank You the awkward position your lips right here okay so clean it you cleaned it an opportunity this put it right back in and as you're going to look at the measurement so what you're going to look for suitable line yeah safe walk so you're gonna make sure to see where you go a little bit is currently okay [Music] so now we know the drain a little off the bottom first then we'll do the filter right so this is your oil pan that's the nut that has to come on but while you're under here look that drips here it's just worried this is like your transfer case it's just with age seals get old and things leak yeah so I do so first thing we do I have this set of magnets in here that I'm putting in near the drain hole so that we can see if you have any metal flakes coming out of this how do I take this off so take the wrench off now watch your fingers it's gonna always gonna shoot out of it so you got to make sure it's not that it's

gonna shoot down this way so we're gonna make sure we get the fan placed so we don't get out of the pose when it comes it's gonna all right so what we're gonna do is she's gonna let it drain all right so now we're gonna give it about five minutes just let it drink okay the next step we've got the oil filter off then they say we're going to do is but the noodle level folks are on but when you put it on you put a layer of oil around the seal of it before you put it back on the actual engine so we've done that and now she's putting it back on the Jeep then you're gonna do hand tight and then I'll tighten it up after that okay so the next step then we got everything dreams over fat total plug thanks all right that's time take care of any drips that way you can tell the history type of this noses each and where the oil when you're that all right Chanel now you can actually put the oil in my father high mileage I'm a genie break [Music] you've gotta pay attention to what your

people Oh right so while we're on the topic of maintenance it's early November and if you or somebody who is on an air-ride system I'm not sure if everybody does this but it was highly recommended to me that right before the season starts to get to where it's freezing everyday it's a good idea to throw some of this air brake antifreeze in your tank and that will help keep your lines from freezing up in the winter like if there's too much moisture condensation getting in there it would be something that helps keep it from freezing out [Music] [Music] the way melodies we haven't played [Music] [Applause] around these walls through the wastelands through the highways see my shadow through the sunrays we'll go so we got the old change done the filter gave us a problem but we managed to get the filter off and then finish that part and then I got the air for airline antifreeze put in my air tank and I'm

gonna close everything off in there and fill it up and dad will have me ready for winter and it'll have the Jeep good for another eight to ten thousand miles thanks for watching [Music]