02 November 2019

2009 Nissan Versa SL Oil Change

How to/DIY changing oil on a 2009 Nissan Versa SL.

hi welcome to my garage today we're

doing a oil change on a 2009 Nissan Versa we've had this car about seven years or so and I daily drive it to work every day I've been doing synthetic oil changes since we got it at about 30,000 miles it's got a hundred and forty-four thousand right now only main issues we've had with this car is the dreaded CVT transmission going out in it so I've replaced that last year with a new remanufactured from Nissan other than that we've had zero issues with the car which is good I've been doing utilizing 5w 13 bubble 1 synthetic oil which is what we got today so we also got a Mobil 1 filter which was part of the special at the local auto parts store today tools you're going to need for this job I have my maketo with a 10 millimeter socket you can obviously use just a wrench or socket regular socket wrench if you don't have a drill just makes it a lot quicker that's to pull the panel off underneath as well as the flat-head screwdriver to pull the little clips I also got a 14 mil wrench to pop the drain plug loose and then a oil filter wrench we got from Harbor Freight works pretty well for pulling the oil filter so if you want to do this

yourself part number for the filter we have for the Mobil 1 is m1 108 this is a 108 a which is the extended performance version and then I use mote 1 5w30 nissan calls for 5w30 oil so I've just been using Mobil 1 since we've had the car and haven't had any issues with that so we'll go ahead and get started all right so we're gonna start underneath the car my shops a little packed right now I got my wall motor and stuff in here is it's raining outside being Florida those afternoon rain showers so we'll come underneath the first thing you gotta pull is this panel that goes across this front panel this allows access to the oil filter so as you can see you got ten millimeter bolts here here there's four of them all the way across and then these little plastic clips so we'll go ahead and pop those off first and get this panel out of the way start with the pan out of the way threw it down there see now you have full access to the oil filter here these cards are really easy because the oil filters right down here on the bottom and then your drain plugs on the other side so you can actually drain the oil

out of the drain plug and still have your pan and pull the oil filter at the same time which is very convenient on this car so we'll go ahead and first get a pan drain this a 14 mil here we'll drain this out and then uh then pull our oil filter here all right it's finishing up draining one thing I want to point out these have a copper like crush washer I guess you could call it a washer they're very thin they they start off like a double tee or washer and then they crush super thin I they recommend replacing these every time I don't replace it every time I've never had a leak out of the drain plug I've may have replaced this washer I don't know three or four times since thirty thousand miles so I've never had an issue with them leaking so I just kind of leave it on they're kind of a pain to get off to once they crush so we're just gonna leave leave it on there and it should seal just fine alright see scars call for about 4.1 courts with an oil filter change that's not always the same on every vehicle don't everything I've read that it'll tell you one thing but some cars take more some cars take less it's always

been the case and every vehicle I've ever owned so I'll usually do about about four quarts or so and then we'll pull it off the the ramps here we'll back it up and then we'll check it but I believe typically this car takes about four and a half quarts or so a little over four and a half quarts so we got a 5 quart jug here so we'll we'll fill it up with this to about four quarts then we'll back it off we'll run it what the oil circulate through the filter and everything that will double check everything and then refill and top off as necessary and it's about four quarts there okay once we have the drain plug tight and the filter tight we'll go and put this panel back on it's like I said it's for ten million ten millimeter bolts here then they'll need your heads and four little plastic clips we backed it off the ramps and we let it run for a little bit about like 30 seconds or so so go ahead and check it and see where it's sitting assumed and probably about a half a quart short I don't know if you can see that but we're right in between the high and low

marker on the dipstick check it one more time right in between high and loves so we'll add a little bit more usually they say if you're between the two marks that's usually good to go but it's like it's like could be little safe up saw it a little more I like to be able to buy into that mark today we're right at the high mark on here so she's good to go about four and a half quarts is what this car takes always want to double check don't always go off of what they say online always wanted double check car specific so it's about four and a half quarts for this car so she is good to go and ready for about another four thousand miles