03 November 2019

2014+ Silverado 5.3 Oil Change & Tire Rotation

Full Synthetic Mobile 1 0w20 oil change and tire rotation.

what's up everybody welcome back to the

channel I am gonna be taking a break from working on the focus today and I am going to be doing some regular maintenance on my truck out there I need to get the oil change I need to get the tires rotated I know there's a ton of videos on this on YouTube but I'm doing it so I figured I would film it anyway so stay tuned I'm gonna be changing the oil first this is one of the most simple and easy things to do yourself and it'll save you a lot of money so that's why I decided to go ahead and do this video but I've got my Jack oil jack stands I've got my drain pan new oil filter oil filter rich funnel and some hand tools before I jack it up all the way I'm gonna go ahead and break all of the lug nuts loose on the front so that I can get my jack stands underneath and I don't have to jack it up again when I'm ready to rotate these tires [Music] I've got the old oil drained out I've got the drain plug back in I've got the old oil filter off so I'm gonna get ready to put the new oil filter on that I'll refill it from the top and the oil change will be done and we can rotate

these tires put a little bit of oil on the outside of this ring to help it seal a little bit better one other thing I'm gonna do is actually put just a little bit of oil inside of the filter so that it already has some in there when this motor starts running again oil change is done but I did want to share this with you if you are doing an oil change on a 2014 through 2018 it may go through 2019 I'm not sure but this is the oil that you'll use 0w 20 I do use this Mobil 1 full synthetic I've used it on every vehicle I've ever had my dad used it on every vehicle he ever had my mom's cars everything and never had an issue so that is what I use I also got the Mobil 1 filter so if you are going to use a mobile 1 filter this is the model that you'll need for it obviously you can go to Walmart or autozone and they can tell you which one you need if you want to get a different brand but that's it one last thing that I wanted to share with you is if you look at your owner's manual in a 2014 and they may have changed in the newer ones but mine is a 2014 but originally they said it requires eight and a half quarts and

that is incorrect Chevrolet came back or GM came back later on and said that that was a mistake and it actually is only supposed to hold eight not eight and a half so just an FYI for you guys it's out there and I'm done so I'm gonna go ahead and start rotating these tires we have the front lugs broken loose I'm going to go ahead and break the back ones loose and then I will slide the jack underneath the rear end and get all these wheels off and I rotate my tires and I'm not sure if every dealership does this or not but it was the way that my dad taught me what I do is I take both back wheels and I go straight forward with them so this one right here will go to there the other side will go to the other side in the front and in the front - I will criss cross so that one the driver side front will go to the passenger side rear and the passenger side front will come to the driver side rear all right guys I got all the wheels off it's time to put them back on alright guys I got all the wheels and tires rotated I did use my little stubby impact to get all the lugs on there while the truck is still up in the air

and then when I drop it down I will use my ratchet and cheer bar to actually fully tighten them all back up [Applause] [Music] alright guys that's it regular maintenance oil change tire rotation I knocked out in an afternoon I will catch you guys next time [Music]