10 December 2019

2018 F150 Service Advance Trac Systems/Service Engine pt5

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a little update on the whole situation with the UH that we've been going through with the advanced traction control system not working locking me out of the most not allowing me to you know basically use the truck for what it was designed for not towing anything stuff like that no eco modes now that stuff I thought I really used all that stuff but the towing telling is why I bought the truck so I don't have the vehicle we'll see you about a year and a half still haven't been able to tell anything yet because we've been having so many computer problems with the damn thing so here we are I dropped it off with eleven thousand three hundred and twenty nine miles I just pull out of the dealership and just got on the freeway now we got eleven thousand three hundred twenty nine miles something I found fishy as a shop foreman came over to me and he told me they fixed it and they've been out all morning driving it hmm now I just kind of you know agree with him and smile but once I got in my truck I looked at the BET level at the last video and then I look at the mileage on the car they druten they drove it less

than a mile less than a mile so he ain't been out all morning driving my vehicle he said they put like you know 100 or 200 miles on the vehicle I'm like yeah okay all morning he said even last night they were out last night even this morning driving my vehicles making sure it was good so that shop foreman is a liar okay I mean I don't I you know I don't understand people these days why they even make ignorant comments like that just to make themselves look stupid like people don't know you know there there is a you know there's a man who's a trip right here you know I got I got one and two you know so I even take pictures of my vehicle when I drop it off I take videos so it absolutely surprises me with today's technology and fauns and and the way people you know the least I do keep meticulous you know notes and files like oh why why they make fools of themselves you just make just blew my mind when I got on the vehicle and I looked at the mileage and just look I can't believe he just lied to me like that okay so again they found some computer issues again

okay and it reset all these programs repro not just reset they reprogrammed the computer so I was told essentially if there were like seven or eight files in the PCM now there's like twelve they added more software they added more software to the protein you know to the vehicle so I am going to try my best to remain optimistic but the truth is I am highly doubtful that this gonna fix anything I don't believe it will very skeptical at this point I don't know you can call me pessimistic you know but the reason being is I've been dealing with this problem for almost a year and a half and Here I am still dealing with it in the process of going through a buyback program not from Ford because they they refused my my you know they refuse to acknowledge my problem as a as a buyback perform you know their in-house buyback program so trying to litigate that thing through Better Business Bureau a whole nother story boy you better you know hold hold on tight because it's gonna be a long ride if you're gonna go through the Better Business Bureau you know to do a buyback so it's not like I want to go through

this but then leaving me no choice at this point because yeah I'm stuck in traffic figures right by the way it's a October October 16th so it just I'm baffled and I really don't I'm just I'm frustrated every time everything I'm frustrated but you know I'm hoping I don't have to go through the whole buyback program through Better Business Bureau but I don't know I'm highly skeptical that this is gonna work you know especially after the foreman the guy that's responsible for overseeing that the entire workshop assured me man I wish I I wish I was recording his face when he said this to me - surely they Dave they've been out all morning Esther I've in it they drove it they won't drove 100 miles at 200 miles and make sure it works they were out last night they were out this morning yeah didn't have no problems with the really is that right because there was less than one mile on the vehicle there was less than one mile put on this vehicle that means they they move the vehicles inside the dealership though there's like a like a little loop that they do when they have to move a vehicle new on in for prioritizing

problems so then they shuffle the vehicles around quite a lot so and I believe that the vehicle didn't even leave the lot also in my paperwork it doesn't say what computer problems that they found but obviously they found some stuff because they not only reset they did like an entire software update okay for all the people out there that are watching my videos and this vlog about my situation and all those lights coming on the dashboard locking you out of you know the you know the the truck enabling you to use the truck was designed for advanced traction control system monkey wrenches transmission check all this weird stuff okay you know it's I'm so stuck in this traffic it's tough these intermittent problems are extremely tough because it's not like it just pops up and it stays there indefinitely until I take it to the dealership so they can reset it you have to remember these codes will erase themselves after I think if I cycle the key three times the codes will erase themselves so luckily enough for me the last time that last video they told me not to bring it down there and then I

call the Better Business Bureau they told me no bring it down that you've got to bring it down there if you want to continue your case you're having the issues you better bring it down there so then I go down there and obviously you know there's a problem and they try to do with the computers but you know blame it on the computers now before was the the rack and pinion and the gear the steering gearbox Mouse computer computer problems again it's about the 8th time they reset the computers not only this time they've not only reset the computers they've reprogrammed them to a different way they've added some updates to me in my mind that that is like a recall you know what I'm saying oh my gosh I'm gonna have to call my wife have her pick up my son I'm going to be late all right guys I'm gonna let you go I'm not gonna make this lengthy but just picked it up at Ford and was having those problems hope you guys got a chance to watch those I know a few people quite a few people have contacted me in regards to this issue so I'm not alone that makes me feel better but you know I can't say that it's actually fair to

anybody that went out spent 50 grand on a brand-new truck and then have to deal with these issues it's just a nightmare and sucks I feel for you and hopefully with any luck hope this fixed a problem but like I say I'm highly skeptical all right guys cheers Vegas 24/7 fun if you guys got any questions just drop the comments in the box you know I'm not expecting this to be a high-volume video because I'll start stop traffic I have to be activate that you know not that many people not millions of people are having these problems but I've gotten at least at least there's a dozen concerned truck on brand new truck owners out there and I've gotten emails that I haven't even responded to yet in regards to the same issue and they they rather they rather email me than leave the comments in the box I don't know why all right guys Maggie's 24-7 fun you guys take care I'll see you next time if there's an issue I will update it and record it peace