04 November 2019

2019 Honda Monkey Oil Change

I just turned 600 miles on the Monkey and it's time for the first oil change. It's a tedious process but not hard to do - this video is a step-by-step overview of the ...


[Music] okay so the monkey has just over 600 miles on it and it's time for its first oil change so it's going to briefly go through the process to do this I assume it's pretty similar to that of the Grom we've got the oil drain plug down here that we're gonna first drain the oil then we need to remove the bolts around the side of this engine cover then there's a screen that we're going to clean out first and then the oil spinner which we're gonna open up and clean out put everything back together hopefully we don't do any damage to the gasket that goes in between the engine case cover and the engine assuming that we just put everything back together fill it back up with oil and should be good to go all right before we get started here's everything that you're going to need to do this oil change first of course is the oil I've got the Mobil 110 w4t all you need to do is make sure that it has what clutch protection that's the most important thing otherwise the brand of motor oil I don't think matters too much you'll need a 12 millimeter a 19 millimeter and a 14 millimeter socket to take apart the

right rear set you'll need the 12 millimeter bolt for the right side 19 millimeters for the nut on the right side and on the other side you'll need to separate ratchet and a 14 millimeter socket to hold it in place as you remove the nut then you need a five millimeter allen key for the Allen bolts to go all the way around the outside casing you'll need a ten millimeter socket to remove the three nuts that hold the oil spinner cover obviously you'll need a funnel to put the oil back in and interestingly enough a penny to hold the gears in place as you remove the nuts for the oil spinner so first thing I'm going to do is remove the right rear set here I'm not sure if you need to or not it looks like there might be enough clearance to pull this out without it but I figure just to make it easier there's just two bolts here I'm gonna remove this and put it to the side drain the oil pull this off and then get to the cleaning go ahead and level out the bike just to make sure that you get all the oil out before I forget I put back the drain plug using a first crush washer try not to reuse crush washers because the process of the cross is what keeps

it completely sealed so once it's been compressed compressed once the sealing properties are somewhat limited the second time so always try to use a newly time you pull out the drain plug this uses a five millimeter allen key I'm just going to use a box crunch to get some leverage on these since then you use the long end okay and that's the engine casing off you can see that the gasket that goes around the housing here all stayed intact really neatly so should be no problem putting that back on as is then the two things that we're going to clean here since the monkey doesn't have a traditional oil filter one is this cap screen down here and then we're going to open this up to clean out the oil spinner this is easy to do it's just a matter of pulling it out and cleaning it the oil spinner though as you try to ratchet on this will turn the gear here so it appears that the trick at least for the Grom is to just insert a penny in between the years so that it holds will clean the screen first and then we'll tackle this so being mindful of the orientation it kind of has a high piece of pie shape with the thin heads

going inside and you can see that I did have a fair amount of gunk caught up in the filter there so I'm gonna clean that out real well and get this back in and then we'll tackle the oil spinner so I just used a paper towel to pull it all off and this is nice and clean and we're inserting it back in the same orientation I don't know if this is here as a reference point or not but at least on mine there's this white dot on the upper side that goes in the back so there may be a reference point on purpose but I'm gonna go ahead and insert this and then let's look at opening up the oil spinner so as mentioned as you try to unlock this it just moves the whole assembly so what I'm gonna do just put a coin in between the gears down here to prevent it from moving and if it's a penny it should be soft enough that it wouldn't cause any damage to the actual gears as it puts pressure on it so you can see I have a penny jammed in there to keep the gears from spinning as I'm trying to loosen these and so you can see there's some gunk that's built up on the inside of the spinner and so that's all they were

cleaning out here especially at the politics quite a bit of gunk all right that looks good and the gasket also that goes in between the plate that we removed looks to be in good shape so we'll leave it as is get these bolts back in don't forget to remove the penny you don't want to leave that in when you put the assembly back together so we'll get this in the bolts do that the engine casing have back on the bolts back in and fill it up with oil for tightening these bolts it looks like I need to still use the penny so I'm gonna use it on the opposite side of the gear so it holds it plus I tighten the bolts just imagine stepping it up in here kind of keeping the tension on two tiny holes and then don't forget to get the penny out put the casing back on I'm going to reconnect this right rear set I didn't take the bowl little bit so just a matter of slipping it back on should just be hitting the 19 millimeter nut back on and bolt for the lower half [Music] [Music]

I'm using this mobile 110 w4t Racing 40 full synthetic motor oil anything that has wet clutch primary protection should be fine I think the other two ratings that you should be looking for is ma and ma - now this sticker is kind of blocking it but I can see through it I don't know if the camera is but it says ma / ma - and those are the indicators that it works well with with the honda bikes so i believe this takes I believe the monkey takes point to 9 quarts of motor oil obviously this is a quart so I'm gonna put leave about a 10th of a court in the bottle here and then the monkey instead of having a dipstick just has this indicator to show between these two lines where the oil should line up so optically it should be pretty easy to see although I'll need to make sure that the bike is upright since its meeting left with the kickstand right now just as a final check as I bring the bike to level you can see it's just below the top line there all right and that's it pretty simple process probably more tedious than it needs to be had it had just a regular oil filter this would have been a much quicker process if you have any

questions please throw those into the comments below like and subscribe thanks for watching guys [Music] [Applause] [Music]