07 May 2019

2019 Range Rover Evoque vs Volvo XC40 – what's the best family SUV? | What Car?

The first-generation Range Rover Evoque was a massive sales success - but it wasn't without its flaws. Just how good is the brand new second-generation ...

the Range Rover Evoque is a hugely

desirable car the first generation model was a massive sales success but it wasn't without its flaws the second-generation model already seems like a giant leap forward in pretty much every department but to test exactly how good it is we're putting it up against the reigning family SUV champion the Volvo XC 40 for this test we've got a Range Rover Evoque in S trim with a 2-liter four-cylinder diesel engine and a Volvo XC 40 in d4 or designed trim but which is the best premium family SUV on sale that's what we're gonna find out in this test and don't forget of course if you want to buy this car that car or any other new car go to work or calm and when you're there go to the new car buying section and you can find out how much money you can save off your next new car straight away online without the need for any awkward haggling and please subscribe to our channel because we're going to be doing loads more group tests like this and new car reviews and first looks as well so let's start upfront with these cars and right now we're in the Volvo XC 40 and the first thing you've probably noticed is this rather fabulous orange lining which I really

like but you might not however well that's something that's quite subjective the objective conclusion to reach from the XM forties interior is that it is first-rate the materials are all brilliant the build quality is incredibly robust and really just like with every other Volvo we've tested recently it's very impressive inside however again similar to other new Volvo's the interior is let down slightly by this rather poor infotainment system the problem with it is it's a 9 inch tablet style infotainment touchscreen and basically every control for everything is located within the touchscreen itself sure you have some physical buttons along the bottom here to help with media but everything else even the climate controls are all accessed through the screen and the screen itself is crisp it's clear it's responsive but it's just a bit of a faff and there's quite a lot of sub menus to navigate your way around it's just not particularly clear we'd rather something like BMWs iDrive which in the x1 in this class is absolutely brilliant and a second to none the seats comfortable to with adjustable lumbar

support and extendable seat squabs as for the space up front in the XC forty well that's really impressive too even with a panoramic sunroof usually that means that Headroom is greatly reduced and you'd say well if it at all you're probably not gonna be comfortable but in the XC forty even with the sunroof there's loads of space for tall drivers loads of leg room as well and actually this is a nice airy open cabin it does feel more spacious than the Evoque although our tape measure shows that the two are very very close in space so the storage options that you've got up front the x40 are very impressive you've got a really long deep and wide door bins that are good in the center console here you have a big storage compartment with a non-slip floor it's nice and deep and long with a handy storage net at the front too and then just in front of this storage compartment you actually have a bin and I'll show you you can lift it out completely and when you do I'll show you if you push that in you can put all your receipts and all your sweet wrappers down there and then you can simply hold over bin pour the contents out onto it and put it back in and so

it's a very handy portable bin you can also take the lid of it off which is fairly simple to do leaving you with this which you can store somewhere put that there and then that's a more kind of conventional and easier to reach storage compartment in front of that you have two cup holders here and then at the front of the center console you've got a big wireless phone charging port again with some helpful storage either side of that very good practicality up front with a relatively poorly sized box now you can see just by looking at this car that the Evoque has a very different dashboard layout to the XC 40 so in the Evoque the dashboard just sits a bit higher and everything is kind of enveloping the driver more than it does in the XC 40 so the quality in here you've got a bear in mind that this is a basic level of specification for the Evoque even still the Evoque is very impressive in the materials that it uses and all the trim around this infotainment system is very nice as well basically anything that you're going to touch in here is gonna feel very very good quality but it's difficult to separate the two in that

regard they're both very impressive and they're both feel luxurious these cloth seats in the evoke are a no-cost option but you get leather seats as standard but the Evoque does just have a slight edge on the feel of luxury I think unfortunately doesn't have a cool orange inserts that the XD 40 does but still it's a nice design and it also gets this latest infotainment system from Jaguar Land Rover and it's something that we've seen on the valar for the first time and then other cars since then we've got pretty used to it and really it's a fairly good system obviously the XC 40 goes for that one tablet style solution to its infotainment but here the dual touchscreen layout actually works reasonably well it's responsive the dials are still around for controlling things like the climate it can be a bit fussy for trying to jump between the off-road settings because these dolls down here change regarding to the menu that you've selected so it's a bit of a faff occasionally jumping from vehicle to climate and then to seats but it's quite a clever way and really once you spend some time in the car it won't be

that annoying after a while so it's all very impressive one thing the Land Rover's infotainment system does better than the Volvo's is the smartphone mirroring systems so if you use apple carplay or Android auto you connect it up and the top screen becomes entirely apple carplay which is great so it's all big icons and it's just for that but in the volvo you have just a small segment of the screen which is used for your phone and that's a little bit annoying you'd rather especially if you're using google maps or ways you'd rather see it all on the whole screen Robin just a small segment so the Evoque does a better job of smartphone integration what about the space up front well just like the X and 40 tour drivers won't have any problem getting comfortable at all you've got loads of headroom loads of legroom and the storage up front is very impressive in the Evoque too so you've got nice good-sized door bins and then on the centre console you've got these kind of two mini arm rests that can be folded up individually inside here very good size storage compartment with two USB ports a micro sim and a 12 volt socket that

knowingly opens from the top or on the bottom but doesn't really matter just in front of that you've got this little tray for your smartphone it's got a non-slip floor to it as well so it means that whatever you put in there won't be sliding around if you're going around some corners now the thing with this is you can completely remove it and underneath you've got two cupholders now that's quite useful but this isn't so useful so where are you gonna put this I mean it's got a diagram on the back that suggests you just lob it in the glove box and that's probably the best thing for it as long as there's nothing else in the glove box but the storage options don't finish there because underneath the infotainment system you've got a helpful second layer of storage as well again with a non-slip floor so things won't be sliding around all over the place and even a slot to put your keys down there as well so practicality is impressive up front in the Evoque the EXCI 40 has better forward visibility because the pillars are smaller but out the back the Evoque is actually better especially if you have the fancy rear view mirror that turns into a camera so

while the build quality and space upfront is pretty close between the two cars it's more clear-cut in the back in the XC 40 you have more room as a rear seat passenger it's quite simple you also have this lovely orange trim again all round you have decent sized door pockets but nothing special the storage net behind the driver seat you also have plenty of space for your feet under the driver seat although there was a bit of a hard plastic edge at the base of that seat you have nice feeling air vents with good knurling around it like you're getting the front ones too you also get a USB C port unlike the 12-volt shocker that you get in the Evoque but there's no real special storage compartments for the people in the rear just like in the Evoque as well and if you pull this down you can see you get two cupholders or an armrest and underneath this you can reveal a ski hatch as well now the XC 40 is actually easier to get in and out at the back that's because it's got a slightly bigger opening and also in the Evoque it's just easier to trap your foot under the rear seats but when you are in the space on offer is

very good so you can easily sit one adult behind another adult and you'll be comfortable for long journeys certainly however the X 40 is bigger so if you want to be regularly carrying tall adults in the back and actually 40 will do the job better so what else do you need to know about the back of the Evoque well you have a pocket behind the driver seat here you've also got a decent amount of space for your feet under that drivers seat you have a door bin that's a decent size you have a twelve volt socket down here which annoyingly doesn't open from the bottom but like the one in the front from the top you've also got an Evoque nameplate here which looks nice and the suppose is a useful reminder if you forget what car you're sat in these air vents are here as well feel pretty sturdy but you don't have a storage compartment for rear passengers which isn't that great this hump in the floor is bigger than it is in the XC 42 and if you pull this down you have two cupholders or an armrest so which has the most practical boot well I'll tell you straight away it's the Volvo X and 40 but let's look at that in a bit more detail so the

reason the Volvo XC 40 is more practical is because partly it has the convenience pack added to it and that's an option that we definitely recommend you adding or if you do you get something that's called a flexible boot floor so it basically means you can lift this thing up fold it in half put it down like that so it acts a kind of barrier so if you have a few loose bags of shopping you can put them at the front there and they won't all go flying around if you go around the corner there's also a really good amount of underfloor storage as well so again if you look under here not only do you have this layer underneath the top floor but underneath that you have a spare wheel here but if you don't have a spare wheel then you get all the extra space that that brings - you also get these pretty heavy-duty hooks that you can attach things to on the side and you get a helpful ski hatch at the back and with the convenience pack you also get these plastic coat hanger things there as well so very impressive boot if we move over to the Evoque which again is still a practical boot and you can see it's a good size but when we did or carry-on suitcase test we managed to fit

one more extra suitcase in the back of the X and 40 and in fact if you take the spare wheel out or if you pick a car that doesn't have spare wheel then you can fit two extra suitcases in total in the XC 40 instead of the Evoque but still you get a useful amount of underfloor storage you can see here you also get similarly heavy-duty hooks that you can attach things to and you get the flappy thing for loose bits of paper in the back if that's what you want and you'll see in the Evoque you also get 40/20/40 split folding rear seats which means you can put that middle seat down completely and then have that extra space to store long items in the X and for tea you only get that ski hatch although of course you can put all seats flat in both cars but one other thing to point out is back to the X 40 you have these handy remote buttons to put the rear seats down where is in the Evoque you have to do that manually so again a bit of a practical edge in the XC 40 but overall although the Evoque is impressive it's the XC 40 that's really the practical family SUV here on the road the Evoque is not quick it's around

a second slower than the XC 40 from nought to 60 miles an hour and you can really tell when you're at motorway speeds it Cruise is fine but getting up there can be a bit of a struggle especially if you've got a fully loaded car with passengers and luggage neither of these cars are particularly brilliant to hustle along the roads and really if that's what you want your family SUV to do then you're going to be better off with an Audi q3 or BMW x1 those cars are better drivers cars in this class and these two they just have quite a lot of body roll through fast corners and neither of them have particularly brilliant steering the X 240 steering just feels quite artificial and in the Evoque it has quite an aggressive self-centering to it so it just makes you feel less connected with the front wheels especially when you turn in so while neither car handles nimbly they're still sure-footed and easy to drive the gearbox isn't particularly impressive in the Evoque either when you're just cruising along the motorway it's fine you hardly notice it shifting at all but if you want a quick burst of acceleration then there is a real

serious delay between you pressing hard on the accelerator and then anything happening at all but the XC forties gearbox isn't perfect either in fact it suffers from pretty much the same problems as the evokes so again at a motorway cruise it's fine around it won't annoy you but if you do want a big burst of pace then it will feel pretty sluggish and slow to react these are two of the most comfortable SUVs in this price bracket but while they both offer impressive ride comfort they do it in different ways the XC 40s flow to your suspension softens the edges of potholes slightly better than the evokes when you're puttering around town but you have to put up with more consistent side-to-side sway than there is in the Evoque which still rocks your head gently from left to right but less often both cars ride in a smooth composed manner on the motorway on their standard sized wheels although it's worth noting that the Evoque does become a bit fidgety if you upgrade to optional 20-inch alloys but the Evoque is the much quieter car so I'm not sure if you'll be able to tell through this but you can certainly tell

in the driver's seat but getting the x40 driving down the road just after you have in the Evoque it is much noisier in here so in all areas really there's lots more Road noise that seems to be a bit more wind noise - and the engine is more noticeable so this engine might be quicker but you hear it and that's a big compromise that you have to pay because really the Evoque is just generally more calming and it's interior a sound deadening seems to be much more effective and it really is just a calm and relaxing and quiet - compared to this exit 14 both cars can go off-road but the Evoque is far better if you want to be doing some hardcore green laning if you're just going to be driving from campsite to campsite then both cars are fine well we're testing a relatively basic spec evoke against a relatively high spec XC 40 but even still it's the Evoque that's the slightly more expensive car but the Evoque will hold its value incredibly well and the servicing cost should be cheaper than the XC 40 that means it's actually cheaper to buy and run over three years if you buy in cash the Evoque is the more expensive company car but there's

very little to separate the two on a pcp monthly finance deal but don't forget go to what car calm to find out the best deals that you can find on both cars it will still cost you more in diesel though because the XC 40 is more efficient even with the evokes new mild hybrid technology these two cars are very evenly matched and whichever one you choose you're picking a brilliant premium family SUV but how do we pick a winner well in what cause 46 year history there haven't been many group tests that have been as close as this the Evoque is more refined but the XC 40 is more spacious the Evoque is slower but the XC forties infotainment system isn't quite so impressive which you should choose depends largely on your priorities but in a photo finish the new Evoque just clinches it it's a thoroughly impressive family SUV and the car it should have been from the very beginning for much more on the Evoque and the XC 40 head to walk or calm to get our extended written reviews of them and all of their key rivals and remember if you want to buy one then go to the new car buying section on our website to see how much money we could

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