03 November 2019

2019 Vauxhall Combo Cargo review | Edd China's in-depth review | What Car?

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hi I'm ed China and what car have asked

me to talk to you about vans why well as an engineer inventor and mechanic I often promise if I have to lug all kinds of things around the country so I've actually owned a fair few vans in my time and therefore I know what makes a good one and besides I once made a giant shopping trolley with wheels and a load space which is kind of like a van so grab yourself a full English breakfast wrap in a big mug of tea and let us guide you through the world of commercial vehicles showing you which are the best and also which are less appealing than a petrol station pasty and to make sure you don't miss an episode please click subscribe below while you're here please remember that you can lease or buy your next man through what car by following the links [Music] as the eventual successor to the astro van and the course of an the voxel combo cargo has been a pretty important vehicle for the tradesman of the UK it's continually shifted shape it's even changed where it's been manufactured and now after 30 years as it first appeared it's had yet another dramatic change in direction today the new voxel combo

shares its platform with a Citroen B lingo and Peugeot partner on what's more it's an all-new chassis that's part based on the two French brands best passenger cars this new voxel combo cargo comes in two sizes standard and XL and there's a crew cab version that can transport up to five people as well it takes its power from a 1.5 liter blue HDI engine that meets all the latest emission standards with either a 74 brake horsepower 98 brake horsepower or 127 brake horsepower power options there's even petrol options with a hundred and eight brake horsepower or 127 brake horsepower outputs available from a 1.2 liter pure tech engine three trim levels are available the entry-level Edition the mid-range sportif and this the top of the range learn now which is obviously where the friendship boost is coming in now competition in the city bank segment is fierce but the combo and its brothers and sisters the BER lingo and the partner do put up a good fight against the likes of the Volkswagen Caddy and the Ford Transit Connect now remember how I said that this is part based on both Citroen

and Persia cars we can probably guess the part that isn't actually based on a passenger car it's this the rear portion of this van is carried over from the Berlin go and partner vans which means the new combo is an exceptionally practical vehicle there's a choice of two wheelbase length the standard like this which is overall four point four meters long and the Excel adds another 350 millimeters maximum load length is eighteen hundred and seventeen millimeters for a standard van and 2167 millimeters for an XL while the width between the wheel arches is one thousand two hundred and twenty nine millimeters there's no option of a honey roof that the combo has a maximum load space height of one thousand two hundred and forty three millimeters which means the maximum load volume musical vans can carry is actually pretty substantial three point three meters cubed for the L one and three point nine meters cubed for the L 2 but with the addition of the Flex cargo folding partition bulkhead there's an extra half meter cubed and transporting even longer lengths as possible payloads vary depending on models with two different gross vehicle

weight it depends largely on whether you've opted for a two ton van or a 2.3 ton van but broadly speaking you'll get either 650 kilograms or as much as one tonne the new one and a half liter is not like any Vantage and I've really come across it's very smooth and surprisingly talky but I'd still recommend the lower two power options rather than the full fat 128 brake horsepower you particularly if you're going to be using the van around town 6-speed manual gearboxes come as standard but if you do want an auto then they do offer an 8-speed automatic option which is quite something to have so many gears in such a little van I'm not keen on this manual gearbox it's not the best example out there and certainly not well-suited for city driving so I'd definitely go for the automatic because it is such a surprise package and the ideal accompaniment to a city van with well spaced ratios and those eight gears really don't seem excessive overall there's little in the way of sound penetrating the cab the ride is nice and comfortable and the handling is sharp almost as if it was based on a car most of these jointly

develop vehicles get nothing more than a different grille in a new badge but not in this case so although the combo is related to the Peugeot partner in Citroen BER lingo baguettes it's very own unique exterior parts on the inside the layout is very different the combo has a smart well-put-together cabin and considering its size is particularly spacious there's a total of 15 storage compartments including under seat pull out trays and narrow but decent length door pockets to seat and three seat options are available the centre seat on the three seater also folds down to become a table fees as a mobile office an 8 inch color touchscreen dominates the center console of this top spec nav version and it's a fine bit of kit with mirroring for apple carplay and android auto as well as integrated satellite navigation and the entertainment system what it may sound like a simple thing it is also angled towards the driver for a better viewing experience than in its key rival the Ford Transit Connect where the screen is fitted flat and that makes the cabin feel very driver centric which is all the better for it

visibility is good both forwards and backwards and that can be aided by the option of a live rear view mirror display which is essentially a wide view from the rear parking camera would also augmented by a blind spot camera on either side which means you can see down both sides of the van in the other models and without the touchscreen you simply get a bluetooth-enabled da B radio integrated into the center console as well as the da B radio entry level vans get a four-way adjustable driver seat OneTouch electric windows and electric heated mirrors there's also overhead storage on all models the new voxel combo has not only been improved by its engines and interior which also had a huge upgrade to its technology safety for city vans is becoming massively important and the combo is no exception it now gets emergency braking ford collision alert a drowsiness detection system and Park Assist perhaps the best innovation though is the onboard weighing system if you're prone to running heavy loads this is almost certainly something you shouldn't go without as it warns you at 80% and

100% of your payload capacity voxels combo is a shining example of how joint ventures should actually work the combo is practical it's comfortable and I only stands out from its siblings but also its competitors - and that's why this is definitely a van with the ED factor and gets a well deserved 4 star rating from what car if you want to see more of me talking about vans then do fit subscribe and we'll bring you more van reviews like this one as a rather lovely added bonus you also get to see all of what cars excellent new and used car reviews as they're posted - see you next time [Music] you [Music]