13 October 2016

70 essential things to carry in your car during Winter

Will shows you 70 things you can carry in your car over winter. Some would be mandatory and some are recommended. All may help you if you're stranded and ...

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driveway dudes today I'm gonna show you what you should be carrying into boot of your car or what's recommended to the carrying into boot of your car during winter time so if you come over here first thing I'm going to show you a statue a kit that you probably already have in the boot of your car okay so here without a spare wheel we've got two tow hook we've got the piece of plastic tool to remove the caps off the wheels we got your card Jack you're locking wheel nut adapter and the wheel brace and help you locate the car you screw that into the hub on the car you can put the wheel on easily so always make sure that your tire is inflated and the thread is good you can refer to other episodes to show you that and if you see here I've repurposed some dog mats you know as boob protectors but if in doubt you can also put them under your wheels you know in the event that you get stuck if you don't have those but you can do is you can carry a you know you can use your floor mats you put them under the wheels itself bag of sand or cement and what else you should be carrying in your cart he's a fully charged jump box so this one you can jump start your car and

you can have cigarette lighter adapters like this one you have your USB as well you can charge your phone so what else you can carry instead of jump leads so if you need to jumpstart off another car or you're helping somebody that's trying it as well next step is same thing that you can kneel on okay this is from the inside of a foreclosure front door in the poem so there's just a bit of scrap you have to fill anything even like the floor mat you can kneel on and what you can carry as well is a tortious one is made by Draper's okay so suddenly hook and you've got a little stand as well so you can hold it up and what it does is it can plug into your cigarette lighter socket or your 12 volt adapter and it's also got two crocodile clips for connecting to a car battery 12 volt and was always very handy to carry is a power converter okay see the plug that into cigarette lighter will go straight off the car batteries as well and it has a this one can you know run for multiple countries okay it's also got a USB adapter so you can charge your smart devices as well along with that you can carry a bloke

this one of the UK and Harlan plug and you can have a extender so if you need to pull it out the car you need to charge something and we need to plug something in you can have that as well and what you can also carry is a tired phone and if you do not have a spare wheel okay so you can you plate your tires and this will cut jump my function - you should also carry is a first-aid kit make sure it's in date it should be on the bottom okay this will carry a most essential things that you may need okay and that a portable torch this particular torch had two functions strip light and a regular light so you can use it against your car you can have the car hold it for you always a good idea to carry some kitchen roll this one a bit dirty but we got the idea okay so you know okay so you can window and okay we showed you a jump pocket and B power inverter you can plug this in charge your phone and if you're on the go you can also charge off of power factor - it's in the green screen cover okay so you put this on the wish to use your car and it'll stop from frosting up if you use a side windows where windows

like the other multiple windscreen detectors and this is just a kinda torture huh okay so this particular one has a regular function and it has a flasher function as well if you're trying to attract attention it will help you in dark conditions as well if you need to do anything so this is the warning triangle okay you just assemble yourself you just put it together it's pretty easy as only to set up a trust fund with them as well okay see about the rarity part raise your card it might attract attention oh you're just going to keep yourself to take on the road too what we got here is you've got a solar panel charger okay so it's got two crocodile clips you can use that to charge your car battery or you can actually even charge your junk box as well you can run it to power you train for light - and it handy to have you can stick it on the dashboard of your car and we're here to car anywhere in the car that has sunlight but I even on the roof of your car if needs be Stefan and what we've got here is a pipe is leaking jacket okay you want to trust attention you don't want to get knocked over and

if even thought it'll offer you a bit of warmth as well so what you can carry as well as a satellite navigation ain't nobody in this day 2016 nobody has maps anymore okay so this will connect to all these satellites you know and depending on your country as well pretty much anywhere in the world so what a handy tool to have as well okay is this this is a hatchet okay so under this protector it also acts as a multi-tool as well definitely I need a hug we want to carry especially in a snow storm is it gonna grow it okay try to offer some protection to you when it carries a bungee cords as well okay you know just great oh you want to carry as well use your car's manual okay this could offer some advice on what to do with severe conditions as well as some small roadside repairs or even jump-starting your car get your first one of our previous episodes how to take a jump start your car if you haven't got one of those you can always get a trusty Haynes manual as well which luckily more in-depth detail on roadside repairs you know some air conditioners and so on

okay these one carry some wine as well good for finding things okay that might come in handy you always want to carry some matches as well okay these are just cheap cardboard matches you can get them in any store and you can light a fire you can attract attention with these what you want to do is you want to carry your ride only any any purpose you want to you can have on your aerial as well you can attract attention especially here it's no good always go to care of your pets you can you can write any messages or any notes always carry a spare boom kit for your car okay bring some GT 85 like this what we have is with wd-40 multi-use product and what you can do this you can spruce into your locks okay it is freezing you can spray them around the rubbers and your cars won't help you open those doors and it's got 85 uses of this one PTFE you bring wd-40 multi-use cards this way back at its core okay you can bring some small rope with you got the finding things as well move a heavy Dennis point this is definitely very handy as well in case you don't have your own cars wheel brace it was an extendable wheel brace -

so give you a bit more leverage and always always always bring a blanket with you okay provide yourself you can attach it to your car and put it under the wheels you can basically do everything you need to do thank you well you want to happen 22:51 as well the tracking in snow and ice and as well you can bring some thermal socks okay keep your feet won't we'd only get into the class boy this little contraption here it's a small little creature so you know once assembled you have your little shovel saw action bottle opener you know like for digging okay and the bottom handle that's a little confident okay could how'd you get everything you want to bring some sunglasses which you it well okay snow blindness is a real thing and in relation to one place you wanna bring a nice woolly hat with you okay this one is little place on it that's nice okay you can bring a scarf as well okay that will be definitely honey keep your neck warm and you can also use it to find things together you can attach it to your aerial as well try some attention

okay you cut your blow these ones are bony glows but all clothes will do okay so you got your screwdrivers you got your pliers you got a knowledge about everything you might need or not you can also reuse these or even the hatchet to break the glass from your car if you're stuck in an emergency what you can also carry with you too okay it's a ratchet strap or a tow rope like we've got here okay so you can use it to bind things you can use it to pull a card out of a ditch or you can get yourself pulled out of a ditch definitely very honey the hub okay so what you can also turn your carpet casein-free makes 93 spewed okay you want to make sure your engines healthy now this is a blank okay you put this on your tow rope or your ratchet strap when you're moving okay just a signal others that your car is being towed you can also used in touch this to your area prior to in technical tracks in tension as well it's good for finding things as well so you never know my help yet we've got here old duct tape okay so you can touch think this to it you can face if you fix anything into one with

it okay okay so you can also bring with you a some pre-mixed screen wash okay so in you know icy conditions snowy conditions and rainy conditions a lot of dark is gonna be thrown up but you really gotta make sure you're able to see where you're going and when you mix it low enough you can actually offer some cross protection to your way to go to olive oil for your ankle pain so make sure that you check in fact to find out what the right word is for your ending we don't want to run out of oil okay so everything we've gone through in the video okay some of them a mandatory some larger is recommended if you carry all these teams with you you should be able to get yourself out of pretty much any situation in wintery or snowy conditions or any conditions that may be tough on your car or yourself okay as somebody seems will actually help out others you can find some moisture on it on the road do so and always check with your own Road Safety Authority or your Olaf what it's mandatory we brought so thanks so much for watching please share and subscribe