30 January 2017

79 Ford diagnostic of crank no start

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working here on these 79 ch4 Ranger f250

we can now start I'm going to go through some for sale how to do the testing for crank no star so this point oh I think we're gonna crank it now okay gonna crank here - got my test light here connected to down down yes so then I'm gonna check for spark and being checking for power we got power power has to come through the coil and it's not coming through so the coil is not this open coil or what she'll be coming out power coming in here power going out let me test this I'll put my my test light here in power side then tested brown so we qu have here nothing at this I well this one looks like is shorter the coil is not it's not a coil the module is sending ground it shouldn't send ground because remove this because I'm here the coil itself and the wires so then see here I've moved on so here which you have which shouldn't have her ground at this time here it's the light just like so the on the module is keeping these all the time in a yeah it's grounded in being put it to ground again power side she'll come power here so then Terry does the coil you see he's it's burnt so

the coil has an open on it so that's the first space the second we got a check find out this module you know put its power right now we shouldn't have any power here at all any ground I mean I'm connected to positive here about this life and ground here so we got nothing here okay so foil you know get a test - ignition control module for powers and grounds and a signal from the coil pickup so that is here and then I connected to positive being I will need to check for ground on the modulo you see connect positive so and a check for ground on the module here in powers I make sure a model the module nuke has but I need to work so I was taking a wiring diagram and apparently on my power he's gonna be if the bringing I believe is to be screenconnect I think is the power I'm not sure this blue line cutter to cut this peel dislike Brown is that kion yeah okay check here make sure I'm over here if you seize the power to the module can you turn off that one please yeah see this is the power side gone yes okay the power from the to the

module this is another power but when the engine is running now I gotta check the crown next pick up the taste like to what's inside and they check the ground to the model this is disagreeing likely being my whole like this like connected to power side then I need to chicky chick Brown double clicked it there you see around here then this is the ground to the module see here you can't get please okay yeah we can see here you can move so we need the module and we need the coil ready the coil get burned so it was searching for information hang on this system they have a resistor in that coil MSD it shouldn't be using this there are different coil for the one they have a resistor on it so what in test a system when I could show you that all the here is how the system works on these coil ignition coil pretty much like solenoids all of them work the same way see it slightly here right now I'll do a good repair just showing it right now when the power side is here comes here to the coil the power and ground should come out power coming in power going out is the integrity of the coil is intact so it's

waiting for them module to ground the system and complete the circuit all the way from here to the model will have you know power but because of the module discharge we can see it all the time so won't connect like this otherwise we'll put this coil okay I don't know the battery got death now so I got here connected to ground and yes crank it I'm gonna check for spice okay crank it nice spark crank it crank it okay good Viki on okay crank it he's gonna start so it's okay to let it ride [Music] [Music] [Music]