03 November 2019

BRAT Motors , AC Service , AC Diagnostics , AC Leak

The benefits of having a professional service your AC. #ACService #AC #AirConditioning #AutoRepair #ACnotcooling #ACLeak #ACNotCooling #PortHueneme ...

today I want to talk a little bit about

air conditioning I have a customer that air conditioning went out we stopped at the parts store I bought a bottle of that freon you guys see advertised on TV put it in didn't fix the problem now if you have to use a bottle of freon most likely there's a leak but it's best to get the system diagnosed properly so you're not spending your money on bottles of freon now we hooked up a air conditioning machine to recover the system to see if there is a leak the system this system calls for about a pound and a half so we recover like eight ounces so we know there's a leak what we will do then is run the system and do a vacuum to get all the moisture out and then put dye in this system fill it up and then check it with a backlight for leaks now this is the diet we'll put in the system after before we fill it up and then I took my black light and I looked for the leak after they run it through the while if we can't find the leak around away we have the customer driving vehicle and return when it starts blowing warm again so before go to the porch warehouse and buy a bottle of freon that cost probably fifty dollars we charge $99 to run this

service and then absolutely fix whatever's wrong with the vehicle we will apply the next AC service for free so we won't add on another AC service on top of the repair cost now since we ran the system into a vacuum it's gonna suck the dye right in the guy goes into the low side now the fill capacities are on a sticker underneath the hood they could be on the hood they could be on the body they could be on the fender wherever it is it'll tell you how much freon the system holds now this system has two different types of systems a single and a dual usually you'll know because there'll be a control panel on the back seats if it's a dual or it'll have vents in the back this system is a single system so it calls for 1.38 pounds we recovered four ounces so there's obviously a big leak okay so we're going to charge a system to one point thirty eight pounds and then once it's fully charged we'll check for the leaks okay so we ran the vehicle for a while to check for leaks we found a leak with the dye this is what it looks like when it glows you can see that it's coming through the cracks right here so most likely it's an o-ring

behind the lock the low-side port so that should only take recovering the system again pulling it apart putting a new o-ring in it and then you have to put in another vacuum every time you open up the system and then recharge the system and then recheck it for leaks sometimes you have more than one leak not very common you usually just have one but that's how you properly diagnose an air-conditioning system okay so there you have it properly diagnose the air-conditioning system this job probably cost the customer a hundred bucks for the service and a five dollar Oh ring to die so came to about 120 bucks so you save some money getting it diagnosed you know doing it the right way so if you have any questions or you want to see other videos about anything please subscribe and just let us know what you want to see next [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you