03 November 2019

Car repair thoughts, diy or mechanic?

what's your opinion on working on your own vehicle, if you can get at stuff? prefer to just have a mechanic do it or are you mechanically inclined enough to do ...

what's up y'all so

okay my wonderful company that I work for they work in this it's called a variable pay bonus and they pay it out by annual Li not biennial I can't remember which one means twice a year but whatever one is that's what it does and it used to be April and October and then this year they changed it to June first in October 1st but Chilika paid out until a month later of course they got to keep the money in the bank collect interest so I go above and beyond when I work traveling a lot away from my family at the drop of a dime leaving to go to North Carolina and so on yet they cut my bonus by sixty percent which is kind of screwed me because I was counting on that money to pay my back taxes so I can register my truck and now it's still sitting so in the meantime I am driving that hunk of but it's a good car I gotta tell you I'm I'm Jap some good car man fifty thousand miles I've replaced the alternator twice a battery and I just did the brakes but I've got a big oil leak coming from the oil pressure sensor and my knox which when my knock sensor is broken now the brakes I just did its front brakes

took me 20 minutes the easiest brakes I've ever done in my life take out one bolt calipers on a hinge lifts up put the new pads in compress the piston put the caliper back down put the bolt back in tighten it up run the sensors now a granite I don't have a lift so it'd be easier if I did but I'm on my back underneath a lifted car which I hate doing because I don't trusted even though I can shake it and it won't fall I still don't trust be it underneath the car without it being on the lift that that is and these two sensors are behind the oil filter on the back of the block you know you got to go over the sway bar you got to go over the exhaust there's the heater core tube is like four inches from it and they are two inches there's a two inch protrusion on the block where the oil filter is in in that two inch protrusion are where these two sensors are right next to each other one two right in there two different size sockets 22 and 24 don't ask me why but even if you remove the oil filter to get at them they are still 2 inches deep into the engine block which makes no sense to me everything else is so accessible on this

car I got I missed the old days but my first car was a 67 Chevelle and I could literally sit in the engine bay and work on that engine that's how big that freaking tank was I had a 327 in there and there was so much room inside that engine bay where I could literally be in it working on the engine those were the days and no computers just a starter in all mechanics everything was mechanical but you know the Honda for 350 thousand miles I turned the key that starts right up and there's very little rust on the body I mean there's some around the wells and you the rear fender well has got a couple spots as rust but the suspension even for 350 thousand miles of suspension not bad my truck has 220,000 miles on it and I've taken pristine care of that vehicle and I've already had to put a block in it because I threw the third cylinder and because that happened shot a rod collapsed the valve springs broken just a cascading domino effect of problems that led to having to just buy a short block it and read $8,000 later yeah and I had just put a new front axle on that truck and now I can't drive it and I stopped driving it that's why I

bought the white car because I drove it so much for work that I put so many miles on it and it's a 2012 but that white Honda drives as good as my truck if not better but but I love that truck I bought the truck it had 47,000 miles on it now it has 220 and the majority the fast majority or highway miles I went down the Florida a couple of times with it and went to Maine with it I went out to PA with it a couple times and a lot of driving around Connecticut going to vendors and suppliers and stuff for work but so I'd say 85 percent highway miles and it it runs good I mean I put a set of tires on it I other than the engine block and a battery I really haven't done anything to that other than the front axle so working on cars what is your experience let me know do you do your own work do you bring your stuff in to a mechanic do you look at a car so I ain't touching do you just do like brakes and got on all oil changes and like that like simple stuff or do you do everything yourself if you can I prefer to do everything myself if I can't obviously this is that

was my third attempt to try to get at those sensors on that car and I just cannot do it without a lift I had a lift I'd be fine because I'd be standing up I'd be able to move my both arms and not on my back working over my head which sucks but I mean I can get at them but I just can't get enough leverage to get them out and I can obviously can't get buddy back wrench in there well mm-hmm give me give me a comments and obviously Rogen's and let me know it stink all right Getty out