03 November 2019

Cheapest Car rental service in Germany

In this video, I have compared different car rental services in Germany. Also, you can find a way to find the cheapest rental service not even in Germany but in the ...

do you know that around 30 million

people use public transport every day in Germany which is almost 1/3 of Germany's population many people who live in cities don't own a car because you don't need one owning a car in Germany is not a piece of cake because it comes with ping the Rotex paying your road worthiness which is called those insurances parking fuel maintenance acceptor sector in order to avoid all this hassle and extra costs here people what they do either they use a car sharing services or they rent it when they need it I will talk about the Shekhar chain services some other day but today I would like to talk about the best and the cheapest way to rent a car in Germany and also why it is the cheapest option previously in my video about driving license in Germany I mentioned sixth car rental company I used their service couple of times and never had any problem with them I liked their cars and customer service but bad but but they are bit expensive if you take a full insurance and one more thing they don't even give you unlimited driving kilometers at least not in Germany they have this weird room due to this problem I went for Czech 24 meat

wagon platform what it is and how it is cheaper than other car rental companies before jumping to the topic I always do this I always like to give you guys some basics first and then jump to the topic what is actually 2:24 you can use this platform in order to compare prices from the different sellers or I would say service providers what they do they bring all the offers from different service providers on one single webpage you can search for cheap electricity provider internet provider hotels flights and also rental car service so basically everything under one roof or you can say one web page and then after that you can decide whatever suits you the best and go for it until now I have rented five times a car from check 24 and by far it was the cheapest and the best option for me not only I used it in Germany but also in Prague and Paris went smoothly with them no default me to take an extra car insurance or they said that they don't have my booked car and I have to pay extra for the upgrade thank God it never happened to me and I did some reviews that some people had some issues in past but here I am Telling You

from my experience that it never happened to me so before renting a car from check 24 I like to know if you subtract this young or not if not then you can find the sufficient button down below just click it just so now I hope that you have already clicked let me tell you guys why it is cheaper to rent it from check 2410 directly from the rental company for this comparison I have prepared a small example for you guys suppose I want to rent a car from Frankfurt Airport for the coming weekend for this first event to the Hertz website selected a date timing car class with full insurance and unlimited kilometres Hertz has offering me a small hatchback for 80 bucks then with the same options I visited Europe car website they are charging me 272 euros and six rental company is charging me 150 years even with the limited driving kilometers but now when I selected the same option from check twenty four they are charging me 60 tol yours from Hertz so how is it possible to pay less with the full insurance even when the cars from the Hertz company on their outside it cost 80 bucks how is that possible what is the catch the

catch here is that check twenty four is giving you their own sheron's not the one from the rental company so in case you caused any damage to the car you have to pay a deductible up to 950 950 owes and then check 24 insurance will reimburse you this under fifty euros so if you're going for the check 24 keep that in mind that getting back this deductible can take up to one to two months but this only applies if you cause as soon if you don't then you don't have to worry about it what are the options you should set before renting a car from check 24 I would recommend that always rent the car with full insurance you never know what can happen in few seconds so always stay on the safe side choose these options to get a full coverage from check 24 you can also take an alliance insurance which better than the one which strictly for office by default but it might cost feels extra let me do even from gonna check 24 always booked a car from known rental companies like your car hurts sixth if you are booking it from any other platforms companies except the ones I mentioned then please read the

reviews first number three also before booking a car read the terms and condition you just have to do this once and next time you know what to expect now if you want to book a car or a hotel or anything from check 24 you can find the link in description one more thing I like to add that if you want to know how to buy a car in Germany then I made this video go check it out with this I will end this video see you next time ciao ciao bella ciao bella ciao ciao ciao camera still on sorry let me turn it off [Music] [Music]