16 February 2015

Chevy Truck Bank 1 Sensor 2 02 Problems P0036, P0054, P0141

In this video I show you how I diagnosed and repair a 2007 Chevy 1500 Classic with a 5.3 that had an engine light on with some 02 heater codes stored in it ...

their viewers Eric oh here welcome back

to our channel and if you're new here welcome to our Channel today we've got a 2007 Chevy Silverado it's got the 5-3 it's the classic body style and the check engine light is on so going to grab our various get a plugged in here do a code scan on it and the guy also said that occasionally the ABS light comes on so he wanted that look at also so we'll see if there's any history codes in there and see if we can't get this fixed up got the varus hooked up to it already put in the your make model and all that stuff so we're going to do just a full code scan out of here and see if we have codes in the engine and abs there let's see the engine light is on to the ABS light is it's not on currently so see what this comes up with alright so we do have a PS engine transmission radio codes all kind stuff so engine codes we've got looks like a heater circuit problem with an oxygen sensor they're not too uncommon I guess ABS there we've got abs relays circuit open and a pump motor circuit fault so that's not good after looking at the codes I guess my assessment would be you know worked out enough to these Chevy trucks know that

the problem with the ABS same internal relay fault that's exactly what it is or sup I'm the what they called the EB cm which is the electric part of the ABS belt down on a frame on these they have an internal relay that tends to kind of goof up on these once in a while in some cases brakes permanently so good chance that's starting to fail you know lights not on now so I'll see what the customer wants to do you know because realistically without it being broke it would just be a big fat guess and you know buying one of those new they're pretty expensive so typically what we'll do is we'll get good you southern units and just rob the EBC em off the want to call the hcu the hydraulic control unit whatever so outside different stories so anyhow with the o2 sensor code there looks like it's just a heater circuit so we're going to take and test out the heater in that rear o2 sensor and if it's broke just go ahead and change it so it looks like a pretty easy fix for this guy gonna have to wait a few minutes here I check to see just for the heck of a thing but I had no two sensor in stock they don't so well I have one for until this afternoon so I'm

just going to pull back outside for the time being and it'll be a few hours for me but only a few seconds for you and then we'll be back and do some testing so stick around I'm back I know it's only been a few seconds but it's getting to be late in the day here and brought this Chevy back and put it up on the lift we're going to go ahead and test out the o2 sensor and see if that heater circuit is just open circuited in the bank say thank one sensor to oxygen sensor and if it is we'll just go ahead and replace it I did get this new one here so just in case but if that's not the problem then we will figure out what the problem is and chase it backwards but we're going to start with the most obvious thing first underneath the truck here I got to believe it's this one here so it's this is a downstream the center driver's side so it should be Bank one because I Chevy that's where number one cylinder is so follow these wires back in it and it connects together after you're above the crossmember so I'll get that connector pop loose there and we'll do some testing it's got these little slide locks in here the little green blacks

and blacks at GM likes you so I'm just going to complain about it but I was just come right on done sometimes those things your old pisser that's bad Dodge but and I don't think we have to do any more testing because the problem is right here grab the camera so on an action sensor you probably may or may not know this but when you're looking at the connector you've got unless want the Huhn oxygen sensor so your wires the two wires that are the same color in this case they're black those run the heater circuit and what I was going to do or what is going to temp to do is just we're going to check the resistance of that probably beat you know five or six ohms but as you see is I just unplug this I think the problem is pretty obvious so there's one of the black wires that runs the o2 heater and you can see clearly that it is it is damaged so realistically if I just take that just pop it right in half there was really nothing there except the insulation so something at some point it's life has gone up there and poke that damaged it even though this o2 sensor could have a good good heater in it for the price of an o2 sensor we're

not going to go ahead and try to you know but connect to that or you know rig that up at all there's not much of a a pig tail sticking out there so probably smartest thing to do in this situation is to replace it sometimes our testing is cut short well pretty much by you know an obvious obvious fault you know it doesn't really require any electrical testing one thing I would say you know I did look up there and I couldn't see you know what what cut this wire you know what hit it it wasn't out of its you know factory placement so you know something come up and whacked it the black wires are actually facing up they're not on the crossmember but one thing that would concern me a little bit is you know did this thing short and blow the fuse well I highly doubt it cuz I'm sure that fuse for the so two sensors probably shared with other Oh to sensor heaters but I've got the scan tool hooked up we can take and grab our scope on a rope and test that Oh to heater circuit pretty quick well we're right here I mean it would only make sense I'll use the scan tool I will toggle on the heater so essentially we should just have a 12 volt power and

a ground here at the o2 sensor connector and then we'll back probe it there and make sure that lights up and if it does we'll just swap this out and move on so get the Tesla up here so I can put angle this get though we're on side in there so the engineer just touch this enough - yep we can see that we do have 12 volts going to the plug so it didn't blow a fuse when it's uh you know when this wire here got to cut or shake through or whatever it was it caused that problem ah didn't didn't contact the frame wasn't conductive didn't blow a fuse so that's good that's a good thing we got this o2 sensor got our new one here all slobbered up and never cease see if I can't get that started all right your snugged up should be enough put in snapper lock back in it cuz its aftermarket it come with six and a half miles of wire and the front drive shaft is right here I don't want to take a chance of getting it over there so I'm going to take and just put a little loop

in it and throw a little zip tie around it it's kind of take up the slack a little bit here make sure you do have a little bit of slack and err allow for engine movement he's big Chevrolet got so much horsepower yeah we got a little bit torque room there so there's enough room with that I'll take it trim that off beautiful being that we're right under here this is what I talked about earlier this this is the ABS unit underneath this truck and you can see things are starting to get kind of rotted under here but that's beside the point um this is where these electrical connectors go in this is the EBC on the electronic brake control unit and that is actually bolted to the hcu the hydraulic control unit so there's kind of two parts of the ABS system there you got essentially the computer and then you got the hydraulic part that has the isolation valves and the pump and all that stuff in there so what happens is the relay inside that EBM actually goes bad so because you can see we've actually got two big wires here that feed at the big big battery feed you know it goes into it there's an internal

relay from the internal relay powers out to the to the motor so you know that goes bad and unfortunately you know trashes the whole unit so it's not uncommon in these Chevy's you see of zilean these things come in with ABS slate on either from this problem you know the relay shorted out it stuck the pump motor on or you know you've got a wheel speed sensor that crapped out and people get sick of putting wheel bearings in them so they just pull the fuse so anyhow I think this has been an ongoing problem of this truck the occasional ABS light I'll leave the decision up to the customer at this point pretty short video but oh there's all this you know can't make them broke any more than they already are so I guess we'll just wrap it up thanks for watching I hope this maybe helps you along I probably should have showed you on the new o2 sensor how I was going to test the old one you know what I've got the old one right here I can still show you let me get my meter mean I got my meter right here I'm just going to take the old the old o2 sensor the head had the wire broke off I just took and cut the other one so

we're basically just going to go into two black wires in the actual heater circuit here and we're going to check it for resistance it should be pretty low I'm going to guess you know 4 to 6 ohms 4 to 8 ohms somewheres in there so just set your meter up and you know obviously you wouldn't go whack in the connector often to do this so let's hold one on there and stuff chilly one pretty good guess over 4 point 9 ohms so theoretically this ode to sensor was good you know except for the fact that you know that it had rubbed through there whatever whatever happened there rubbed through got pinched or something what that's pretty green and crusty so it's probably like that for a little while and you know I think we made the right repair but if you were had these codes and there was no physical damage that's what you do is come under back probe your two black wires and see if you have continuity most of the time when you have an o2 heater code you have no continuity it just be you know oh well or off or whatever your meter says for open circuit so that's it now it's a wrap that's how you test your o2

heater you probably find a lot of you know probably a million videos on YouTube on how to do that so that's kind of interesting problem be kind of curious to know if anybody else has one of these trucks and had these causes has had this problem it's pretty well protected connector really being on top of that crossmember but we do get a lot of ice and slop and crap around here so you know you never know what what could come down and hit these wires and so now you know hope you enjoyed the video I'm gonna wrap it up sign-off here if you like this video give us a thumbs up if not give us a thumbs down check us out and like us on facebook and subscribe to our channel if you want to stay up to date with the latest videos so remember if i can do it you can do it thanks for watching