31 October 2019

Court Docs Prove Big Oil Lying About Climate Change (Moment of Clarity)

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hello everybody welcome to a moment of

clarity I'm Lea camp I want to talk about the Exxon lawsuit that is going through right now there's a major lawsuit going through in New York against Exxon and the oil sands and they're there going on trial in New York City about climate fraud now here's what's kind of funny is you're like you you and me we think oh yeah they should be fucking sued for lying to us for lying to the nation about the harm that climate change could cause because they've known about this for a fucking generation they've known about climate change was coming they knew about it in the late 70s at least there's tons of evidence from the 80s in 1991 shell put out a created internally of video you can you can look it up 1991 shell climate change video and you'll find it and it's like VHS you know like someone taped over data someone had taped like a skinemax video where they kind of it's not like porn but you remember like cinema extras to have the porn where like they couldn't show actual sex so it was just two naked people just bumping against each other but like not at the right angles you're like I think his genitalia are lining up with her belly

button is that is that how that works and you know if you were a 12 year old like me watching that you were like I didn't know it when the belly button I have gotten off-track anyway it looks like someone had like filmed you know tape to that on a VHS tape and then someone higher up its shell and it had taped over it because they were like somebody give me a VHS and we can create this climate-change video and anyway it's kind of squiggly lines and shit but in 1991 they taped a VHS tape uh showing what was gonna happen like it looks like an after-school special that she'll had put together and the reason was because they knew this was coming they knew this was happening and I think internally there was a bit of a debate like well okay let's if we start shifting our business and we let people know that things are getting out of hand that they're gonna get out of hand we can we can get ahead of it basically they made this video and then they were like oh fuck no this will ruin everything for us we can't tell the world that we're going to cause the extinction of everybody in everything so they suppress this video they suppress

all that data from the 80s Exxon knew about it I think even earlier than shell these are their internal scientists and so what I was gonna say is that you and I think they should be on trial for that really what they're going on trial for it looks like is lying to investors because that's what matters in our world is they had lied to investors they lied to the rich people who were making money off of off of the stock of these companies 80% of all the stock in this country of all Wall Street he's owned by something like ten percent of people almost almost nobody in America owns that much stock except for a tiny sliver of the population and when you fuck them over that's when things get that's when that's when Bernie Madoff goes to jail is when you fuck off fuck off fuck up fuck off screw off screw up defraud the rich okay so anyway I am supportive of this I'm just saying you know wouldn't be great if they could just be sued for lying to the rest of us rather lying to investors but I'm pursuing them in all the ways possible and you know the article says the New York Attorney General says Exxon used two sets of books and misled investors by

downplaying the potential costs of carbon emissions they were creating two sets of books showing what would happen what is happening and lying to investors of course they were lying to the public that's a given that's C lying to the public is as old as advertising so the like to the public everyone's like yeah of course but lying to investors that is no no you cannot lie to the fucking rich in this country or people get upset so this lawsuit going through is is great because you can prove that that there lie that they've been lying about this and you know hopefully get a lot of damages thereby decreasing the amount that Exxon can continue to murder all of humanity recently unredacted night i showed that it was just a hundred companies that are basically dooming us all it is fucking horrifying and so I think we if we want to have any chance of like survival in the long term we're going to have to go at fossil fuels on every level and probably down at the bottom down of the least the least important but I'm not gonna say don't do it is that let's you know let's and they cannot do you so many pieces of toilet paper when you're in the bathroom

because that's kind of the papers gotta be made and then use fuel to cut down the trees and so don't use so much paper that's out the bottom not saying don't do it but as you get up the list you get into the more important ways that we will change our society if we want to have any hope of even moderately keeping climate change within check you know we're we've lost the the fight to keep it within a reasonable amount but the question is can we keep it within amount that that still allows some humans to go around skipping down the street and I think lawsuits is a major one obviously that's not one open to me I'm not a law student I will not be in any future happenings here in my life so that doesn't involve me but obviously we can be supportive of these lawsuits there's fighting pipelines trying to stop these pipelines from being put in because hey obviously if they don't the infrastructure they can't deliver as much of this dirty the oil sands by the way the tar sands is one of the dirtiest kinds of fossil fuels available they're getting more and more desperate to cuz the easy oil is all been grabbed up so now they're getting into the harder

stuff and if you block these pipelines then you block infrastructure that allows this shit to go through and just to our future so that's a major one but also when they put in this infrastructure they're investing in their future ability to make money off of this so they're investing in their ability to to continue to exploit fossil fuels and when they've invested trillions of dollars into a pipeline or into oil rigs they want their money back that they've invested so the the if we can stop them from fucking investing our futures in death in destruction then we'll be much better off so that's why blocking these pipelines is so crucial because it stops them from investing in a future of death so that's that's another key step obviously getting young people involved and those kind of things or you know there's somewhere in the middle so like a lot of these marches as I said recently unredacted tonight a lot of them are kind of meaningless if you get a permit and you show up for two hours and you go please save us from certain death and then you walk home and you know and I look I've been in fucking hundreds of those okay so I'm not saying

don't do them I'm just saying they're not gonna change anything the one thing they might do is wake up some young people to what's going on and I think that is useful so I'm not saying don't do them but they definitely go lower down on the list a little above the toilet paper thing stop eating so much meat that's higher up on the list because meat the way we do it now meat is the the number one cause of emissions in this country when you when you and climate destruction when you put it all together when you put the ocean dead zones and the use of water and trucking it across the country I mean we fuckin we have we have cows and torture farming here in the East Coast and then they'll like ship the meat across the country in a truck and so it can be like chopped up and then they'll like ship it back because you ordered it to have delivered to the restaurant you like here on the East Coast again so they'll fucking ship it back and forth will fuck we're ordering goddamn meat from China and Japan and what kind of oil do you think goes into that so and and again I think that absolutism breeds defeatism so if you

say god dammit no one ever eat any meat and if you do I'm fucking I'm never speaking to you and you're dead to me dead to me I will make an exception and I'll eat you alright I'll fucking kill you and eat you and that's the only meat of need now if you go that extreme and I get it I'd like that you're passionate but I think you turn off you know ninety percent of the population if you behave that way so I I don't actually yell at people to not eat any meat I just say don't eat any meat that created it torture farms and eat about ninety percent less meat in total and you know then then maybe we can have the discussion once you're down tonight exam we have discussion about the last ten percent but for now I feel like alienating a ton of people is not a great idea military industrial complex massive one we got to fight that because they emit more carbon emissions than countries most countries our military does so if you want to talk about climate change and you want talk about having a sustainable future the military has to be part of the conversation okay it really does and the Democrats fucking hate that because they want to they want

to do the light and fluffy we even Joe Biden's like nobody's done more about climate change and I have any like now you've fucking done nothing all right you've done fucking nothing they like to say that but then they don't want to question our military don't want to question any of that don't want to question big agriculture don't want to collect a question the the mass torture farming that we do so if you don't question all that you're not actually doing anything about climate change taking money from Big Oil yeah so most of those people are you know pieces of shit and they're they're they're indebted to Big Oil they're indebted to big eggs are indebted to the military-industrial complex all the places that we need major change to happen they're indebted to and that's why you can't actually get change from them long story short I think this lawsuit is great I think it needs to go forward I think that law is one of the ways that we need to fight this and you you know lawyers need to be encouraged if you have lawyers and your family encouraged them to to get involved or take cases

that have something to do with this because you know there's a lot of brilliant lawyers out there but they're mainly focusing on protecting corporate interests because that's where the money that's how they get paid right rather than focusing on protecting our futures and you know the lives of us and the bumblebees cuz it turns out we need the bumblebees to survive I know it sucks doesn't it cuz they sting right I've heard they sting but you know they're cute if you see them at the right angle but yeah turns out those little guys that we got to keep them around and yeah just just celebrating that we've we've gotten rid of yet another species yet bumblebees are apparently apparently like the most important animal in the planet yeah I know it's not us no we're a virus we kill everything moving on you see I made that upbeat and cheery and that's what I am for today but you guys should subscribe to the email list these videos are phenomenally suppressed if you're curious as to how suppressed they are they seem to have you know them a lot of them capped at about five thousand views and and I know that bullshit because we have 200 some

thousand subscribers you know just a couple of years ago every video that I was putting up was was you know at least in the tens of thousands but often in the hundreds of thousands and they have us incredibly suppressed on YouTube on Facebook on somewhat on Twitter so follow the email list that's really the only way to kind of get most of our stuff especially if you make sure it's not getting dumped in the spam filter but the email list you can text the word redacted two four four four nine nine nine you can also sign up at Lee camp comm it's on the sidebar there alright keep fighting