31 October 2019

Digital Vehicle Inspections and Electronic Job Cards | COSTAR Mobile

COSTAR Mobile is an extra module that provides you with a paperless workflow from your Front Counter directly to your technician into your Workshop bays.

g'day in this video we're going to run

through one of costars latest new features co-star mobile co-star mobile is a powerful and necessary tool for your business in an increasingly digitalized industry you need to spend your money where it counts and digital vehicle inspections help drive your workflow while removing the hassle of and needful constant paperwork which will ultimately increase your revenue per invoice simply put co-star Mobile is an extra module that provides you with a paperless workflow from your counter directly to your technicians into your workshop Bay's it helps you to quickly and professionally highlight to your customer any attention any items that might require their attention to their vehicles either in person or via email some of the key features is that it provides a paperless job card you can view and update inspection forms from your phone or tablet you can use the internal chat to communicate between your front counter and the technicians and back again you can assign jobs to the different technicians within your workshop and you can take store and send

photos to customers and you can track the technician productivity through the use of a punch clock some other benefits of costar mobile ah building trust with your customers so that through the use of photos of worn parts or bringing attentions to parts that require attention the next time they are in customers will see that you're here to help them not overcharge them or reach into their back pocket for more money we can increase the revenue per invoice by documenting all of the technicians work and comments it's much easier to back up and show evidence of the work required and hopefully the customer will approve the additional work whilst the car is in the workshop another benefit is to protect yourself from misleading claims of damage unfortunately not too many dealers haven't had a customer bring their vehicle back with claims of damage that wasn't there when they dropped it off and mysteriously appeared while it was in your workshop by taking photos these photos are time stamped and will protect you from any of these misleading claims from customers for you or your business now that we can see the benefits close to our mobile bring let's

have a bit of a delve into how it all hangs together so my co-star system we're having a look at the appointment scheduler so in here I have a number of jobs as my day is planned out the one that I am looking at is Johnny roads so if I open up that job I'm presented with all of the customer and the vehicle information and I can see that mr. Rhoades is bringing his vehicle in for 4 - 65 65 17 tires along with the fitting the balancing disposal and a wheel alignment so once that vehicle arrives I'm able to assign the primary technician in this instance I'm picking one of my tire fitters and will align up and by setting that primary technician it automatically applies him to all of the labor codes within that job if one of those jobs isn't assigned to that technician in particular you can change those initials and the job will be reassigned accordingly once I've got that in there I might want to send out a quick message to the workshop Bay to let them know what that the vehicle is arrived and is ready for work so to do that I can pick up the top and shop info click on internal chat and then from there I'm able to enter the message so

when I press send that will send a message off to the technician that's been assigned the job and I can go back out of there and continue on with my daily work whether it be receiving stock answering phone calls or whatever else it might entail if we now have a look at costar mobile and we'll show you exactly what the technicians will see so let's have a look at cosign mobile we can see within the app that it is broken up into a number of sections on the left-hand side we can see that the work in progress is highlighted there I can also go down and change the user if it's a shared device and you need another one of the technicians to log into it there's a setting in co-star that limits the jobs viewable to the technician or alternatively you can choose so that all technicians see all jobs that are there for the day over on the right-hand side we can see our work in progress and it's broken up so that a technician can easily see the work that was done or required yesterday all the jobs that are due today and anything that's been assigned for him to do too we can see that a message has arrived for this technician and that's

highlighted by a the message notification at the top screen but also on the respective job that the message is relating to so the technician is able to either click on the message at the top of the notification at the top and that'll narrow it down to show any jobs that have a message related to them when he clicks on that job he's presented with the summary of the work that's required we can see that the customer information is up at the top left hand corner and if we click on the customer at name we're presented with the customers address and phone numbers along with delivery details if required this is so that if you've got a job that needs to be done out on the road etc you've got all of the information at the press of a button on the right hand side we've got the vehicle that we're working with so it's a 2014 silver Toyota Prado with Reggio number plate of Johnny and down the bottom we've got the summary of the work to be done so that's four to 65 65 17 Coopers fitting balancing disposal as well as a wheel alignment as I mentioned earlier a good practice to get into is to do a pre inspection of the vehicle to ensure that we detail any

existing damage so to do that we click down on inspections and we can then choose the vehicle checking inspection so these inspections can be customized so if you have any Quality Assurance checks that you want to do as part of your pre inspection you'd be able to edit these ones or alternatively we also leverage off inspection reports that are provided by Repco Navigator pro smart quote which will show in a separate video so if we go to the summary we can see that we've got a couple of check points that we want the inspection form is presented in a traffic light model where Green is okay yellow or orange is suggested work that may be required down the track but not immediately and then red is required in that it needs immediate replacement and correction we also have the ability to take photos make any notes for each of these different check points and add in or confirm a number of check boxes and radio dots accordingly so the technician will be able to go out and complete the inspection and take of any damage if it exists previously so he's checked the rear of the vehicle the front of the vehicle has some damage and

so we can take a photo of that and the comment can be added to refine exactly where on the vehicle the damage is taken so the rest of the check goes through and we're just purely saying yes we actually check these so even though there's damage there's nothing that we're going to do to correct it it really is just a note for our reference that goes all the way and checks each point until we get to the spare and we also notice that the spare isn't okay so we need to replace that spare so we mark it as required and part no longer performs the function and we are then able to take a photo of the worn trick we'll also make a comment about what needs to be done there and then we can say okay we'll also flag on each of these other wheel checks that they all have mag wheels so that we know that it's all okay once that initial check has been done we can flag that inspection as complete which returns us back to our inspection screen the final part of the opening inspection may be also to capture vehicle information to update our repair order in out with our information accordingly so the technician is able to go through into

the vehicle details enter in the odometer reading as it is and capture the VIN as well if we wanted to get that info at that point because the spare is required the technician can take this opportunity to notify me on the front counter that communication with the customer is required to authorize the replacement of the fifth time they can do that via the internal chat they can send that off and then they would be able to go back and continue the fitting of those particular tires in the meantime in micro start system I'm immediately alerted by notification and the messages at the top that there's a message for me to attend to I can open that up by clicking on the button I can see over on the left-hand side the jobs that message relates to so when I click on that the conversation is brought up and I can see that a spare tire has worn and needs replacing as well please confirm with customer I've got a quick link directly to the repair order and from there we can go up and view the inspection so we've got all the information we need to discuss with the client so you can see that the spare tire is

completely worn I'm also able to view the photo of the time and from there I'm able to go back and back to my repair order I can change the quantity to five so the customer now has an amended proposal I'm able to email this proposal off to the client along with the attachments that I want to send through so I can attach the amended repair order along with the photos of the spare tire and the vehicle check-in as well we add that attachment to the email and I'm able to send that off so we send that off to the customer by pressing send and away it goes once we hear back from the customer that they want to proceed I'm able to then notify the technician who is working on the job that the customer has authorized the fifth time and to please proceed to replace the spare once again once that's sent I'm able to go back and keep the front counter side of things running the technician will receive the note that the customer has authorized the fifth time so they'll be able to proceed by going up to the summary and they are able to then make note of any work that they've done or any comments that they want to make simply by clicking on the

appropriate line on the job card and adding a technicians comment similarly they can do the same thing with the wheel alignment and save that on the job card as well once the technician has finished the job they can flag it as complete and then let the front counter know that the job is being done via the internal chat system they at the front counter I'm again notified that there's a couple of notice a couple of alerts for me to look at when you click on these notifications and again you can see that it relates to the Prado job and what I've got here are the comments made by the technician and I just need to confirm whether I want them added as a memo so in other words so the customer can see those or in internal memos so that it's purely for our reference and stored on the repair order the action here is that I'm going to add them both those memos and once I've confirmed that the notifications have been addressed it's all set and ready to go I can bring that job up again and let the customer know that the work is being completed you'll note that the technicians comments have been added under the appropriate labor code for the

customers to easily reference and we can then leave that back out of there and we can see in our appointment scheduler the job is being completed and is waiting for the customer to come and pick it up we've covered off a fair amount in this video so please be aware that you can pick and choose what elements of costar mobile you want to implement into your business there's a lot more features that we haven't covered but they will be covered off in videos to come very very soon thank you for your time and we hope you found this useful if you have any questions just give us a call or submit a support query through our website to keep a track of upcoming features in costar make sure you subscribe to our channel and check us out on Facebook and LinkedIn thanks and we'll see you in the next video installment