25 August 2018

DIY Ford Connect Sill Rust Repair Treatment

This video covers the treatment of some rusty looking sills on a Ford Connect micro camper. The Ford Connect sills have already been replaced recently but the ...

hello and welcome along to the next

installment of my comical version channel now this video is going to be prepping this fraud connect that are pretty much finished converting into a mic or campervan ready for a paint job thankfully the panels are good ha'la'tha there's very very few dings and dents the sills have already been replaced and this is just a bit of surface rust off the paint that was applied after they've already been replaced so I'm going to be grinding these back and just applying a live of primer just ready for paint it's gonna be the same on the other side and again then just taking care of any daft little loose Cubs I can see but there's a very very few and say there's one there tang is the tiniest of spots there that might just knock straight back the opens they're just by the door as well but that's minimal again it's just our surface stuff same on the other side I've already got a replacement bumper there shall be a video on my channel showing how I've replaced that one if it's not on already it'll be on there soon and the passenger side again it's pretty much the same on yourself again it's been replaced so it's just gonna be tired being up all of the replacement

work that's already happened honestly just again just to get ready for paint take a few little things here and there that are around the van not much I've sort of a little scratched there on the window just to smooth off that a little bit I did the majority of it when I fit the wind off and because when I bought the van had a big deep scratch there a little indentation just there that needs to take care of as well I've already done the roof rust and there should be a video on my channel of that visit again below assume but the roof itself was absolutely pitted with their Ross Cubs all the way over it so that took a hell of a lot of work I took about three days just to get the roof done whether or not you've got tiny tiny little dings and smalls and stuff like that there's another one here just a small smaller stuff so that's just gonna need a little fluff back on the paint skim over and then try and get it as smooth as possible the front is okay I've took the covers off the wheel arches the wheel arches themselves were okay as well so it's more just a case of tiny little cells it's pilling a couple of tiny little

dings and then giving the whole van a flat back ready for a paint job so hug it but also got safety gear on and get ready to crack on you so as you can see that's all of the surface rust off the sills taken back it's gone back to good net all the way along you can see where it's been previously the players you can see all the spot welds going along so now it's all being taken care of all of the surface rust that was starting to accumulate again that's all being removed so now I'm going to actually smother the entire sill with some rust converter so he must remover first then some rust converter then it's that you're gonna get all stone chip guarded just to be sure and then it should be future proof for many many more years to come so that's one side all grown back I'm just going to go and get the rust remover first and then I'm going to apply that and while that's doing its thing I'll then crack on and get the other side sanded down so these are the rust treatments that after the use and on the use of rust encruster him remove the first that can really get in

and get a lot of the circus pitting back to nice shiny metal and then just to protect the metal afterwards then all the pie Suncoast which transforms any rust that might still either be remain in our snake if that has deep pit in that the rust remover hasn't been able to get the Carosa shouldn't then transform it back into us more air more solid metal and slow down if not stop the Royston altogether so I'm gonna get this applied and hopefully by the time I'm finished the sill should look pretty much there's new you so there's the passenger side sill or standard buck now as well you can see little bits of pitting inside it so it's a good thing that I'm treating it now otherwise who would have just to start to eat away over time and then it would have just been a case of getting replaced all over again maybe a couple years down the line if that hopefully by doing this and giving them a full rust treatment and then a stolen chip protection as well this should protect them for many more years to come rather than just leave them as the work so well have been grinding that one the worst

remove has been doing its stuff on the driver side and as you can see anywhere that was showing a little bit of pitting and brown is turned black that's what the rust remover should do it should remove it all off and then give it a wipe over with some white spirits which I'll go and do now and then it'll clean it right up but then just to be doubly triply sure where I'm gonna be using some crust on it as well yep that's mother done and then once that's actually had a chance to cure that's when the staunch it will get applied so I'm gonna clean all this rust ins off on this side get it applied on the other side and then there I'll get around some crust as well so I've wiped off all of the Ruston's now so now it's time to apply some carrasco again empty I wouldn't do another container and just apply liberally this stuff needs to cure for all about three hours then it's okay at the paint so I'll play it now and hopefully I should get some pimply you so I just finished treating the passenger side with the cursed as well I didn't bother film in that it's just exactly the same as what you just saw

wiping off the rust ins rust remover first with the white spirits and then just applying the coast quite liberally as you can see it's turning them at all here bluey black tinge in color that just means it's reacting with any sort of a residual rust pitting that might still be within the metal works or no this just needs two or three hours just to finish drying or curing up doesn't be ready to apply some sort of either primer or stone chip or butter bought maybe some red oxide than some stone chip just to be trying to get this as protected as possible so I'll pick it back up when it's ready to paint so now all the hammerite costs are the good chance to dry up I've just gave it a quick wipe down I've just must not the area as well all the way along all the way inside as well I know I'm just going to give it a good protecting with some stone chip apply that first and then the ak-12 Vans gonna be going in for full paint as well so once the paint's being applied over the stone chip as well then that means the cells should be fully protected for many more years to come so I'll get some of this applied now on make this look a hell of a lot neater

and then you'll see the fully final finished painted sills air when the van goes in for paint but in the meantime I'll get this applied and see what it looks like then you all right so I've just been rounding to and on a second court with the dawn ship as well didn't buy the film in the second Court is just exactly the same as the first all the way around sills and underneath I managed to do both sides and underneath and now with the one can so that's not too bad either but you can see that's made a hell of a look like before I started any sort of restoration on them I said the metal itself was always good it was just flick and paint it was making it look really scruffy a lot worse than it actually was normals had to be replaced it's just being a case of grinding it all back back to wood metal giving it some rust treatment now I said the stone chip and I said the van will be going in for pain shortly as well so after that's been applied over the stolen chip you won't even be able to tell that it's all been recently repaired I'll show you the other side as well obviously that's why

the it's been a hell of a difference made it look a hell of a lot nice and nice one neither I said by the time it's all that it's fresh paint applied over it as well I'm not going to say it'll look like new but it'll look a hell of a lot better than what it was when I first got the van so hope this video useful if you did please don't give it all an air that good ol thumbs up another look on my channel there's loads of videos on my channel hey document in the wt4 and I had to hide yet this Ford there's gonna be a t5 another hide yet so Lords of content Lords more content to come as well so it's subscribe button if you haven't already I say give the video with all thumbs up and I'll see you in the next video thanks for watching Cheers you