05 July 2016

Element Yoga: Yoga Tune Up® Coregeous

Element Yoga: Yoga Tune Up® Coregeous. Here's another yoga tune up tutorial from Andrew Bathory. The focus this time is on the gut.

everyone welcome back to the el medio

give love we're back with some yoga tuna for you with our in-house yoga tuna teacher and your battery this time with the gorgeous balls yes I'm not to share one of my favorite techniques from the other two node method that focuses on a very important part of our body the gut the core the center of our being now this part of the body is very rich with information both physical physically energetically emotionally and this is one of the best tools I've found so far in my life to get into this territory in the body and face what is being stored or neglected or not listened to in the body on all fronts so I'm going to invite NAT to touch in with herself using the therapeutic application of the gorgeous fall which is an airfield squishy ball it's really juicy it's nice and I'm going to get her to lay down on her belly with the ball underneath now this is not advisable for any one's pregnant or just ate a giant plate of pasta you might try this on a mile to empty stomach although it won't kill you if you just ate so let's go let's go for it now once you come onto your belly and face the ball around the navel Center and prop yourself up with your forearms

elbows more or less right underneath your shoulders and I like to do this work my eyes closed so if you're comfortable with your eyes closed close your eyes right away you're going to notice your breath and its natural movement within the abdomen against the squishy texture of the ball and focusing the mind on your breath begin to expand your breathing capacity and the lower abdomen so that you consciously press your breathing muscles out against the ball is your inhale and soften your breathing muscles to receive the shape of the ball on your exhale noticing any tension that might present in the face or the jaw you just continue to listen to your privacy ground into the contract of the ball in the hockey so for everyone that the feeling of tension is going to be different if you are very tight in the abdomen you might get some referral feedback in the back body one of the abdominal muscles unbell up around to the back and over time not might if she feels comfortable to get too wide and her elbows and consider lowering her heart closer toward the ground that will increase the amount of pressure that the

ball is giving her into the core so you can take your time to perhaps lower down two things are happening here that we're creating a receptive core in the front body now this part of our body is in most of us trained to be held tight in such a sensitive place in the body that folds lot of information any stimulus that comes from sound or interactions other people might get held here so really give yourself permission to take as much time as you need with this and nourish your friend so after a few moments simple breathing I'm going to instruct that through a technique called contract and release now this will help the ball go a little bit deeper hands so if you feel like you can go deeper this technique will be for you if you have enough here just safer if you feel like you can go deeper the contract and release technique is going to help you so for this now I'm going to invite you to breathe in as fully as you can and expand as much air into the front the back left and right side when your full state full puff out and press against the wall press press press and then exhale release and Lau the wall to soften

boro a little bit more beautiful do that a few more times at your own pace so that is easy healing to expand which is full of breath she's continuing to press out into the ball and into all directions then when she's ready to exhale she allows all the air to leave at the ball to soften into the deeper layers of her out after a couple contract and release you can just completely relax here this work is really good for anyone who may be suffering from digestive issues menstrual cramps lower back pain if you have trouble sleeping this might be a wonderful way to help sin date the body and come into a parasympathetic response then i recommend doing this for anywhere between five to fifteen minutes when you're ready and you're finished you can simply extend one arm overhead and roll onto the side stay in a field position of sideline hoes and take a couple moments just experienced the breath and belly as it relaxes and the inner organs have a little bit more space to drop into when you've done flat to your back or come up to seated beside you have any questions about this work please don't be shy let us know how do you feel not I

feel really good feel really calm when I noticed right away is as soon as the ball comes into the into le there's an automatic those for you the first time I did this type of work with children learn one of the workshops I was the lone way I'm so happy that you're here continuing the work a tell me yoga especially for me I have colitis so this type of work is super important so I'm always grateful that happens to thanks so much you're welcome