06 December 2019

Frost in the interior, car repairs, Acura dealer, full time car dweller expense!

Through the encouragement of a friend I became an affiliate of Amazon. They reward me with a small financial token for promoting some excellent products that I ...

little trivia for your day using a

spatula just to defrost the inside of my are not defrost but cleaning its but if my windows yeah I stayed cozy and my comfy links in the description I'm an Amazon affiliate but yeah it was let's see 22 degrees it says down there yeah there we are 22 22 outside temperature [Music] I'm heating up some water use my hot water bottle those links are in the description also now I've got a fold up all my gear and I'm gonna get on down to the road - you've got to go to the garage set a headlight out all right I'm gonna keep scraping hope you'll join me [Music] Linda here serene and simple life and simple it is use your spatula when you don't have a actual ice scraper who would have thunk this lifestyle that we would need an ice scraper in Texas oh my gosh it is now about 25 degrees I am 20 minutes late to my appointment it was nine miles and it took me close to thirty minutes so I don't know if that's a sign that I should be here or not be here because there is one last parking spot that a guy just gave me and we'll

see but I've got everything tucked away which is critical in this lifestyle to put everything away so there's all the bedding folded up there's the little putt and let me show you outside the light and what I'm dealing with so here is what this crazy light looks like it's all has moisture in it this bumper was replaced a couple years ago I was hit while parked at an airport parking lot it was craziness another story for another day and here's the nice looking light they both matched up until a few months ago and then someone brought to my attention that my light was out so they said it could be before they have to remove the bumper that's $133 they don't know if it's deeper electrical or if it's just the bulb once they get in so I'm not sure what I'm going to do here I've got another appointment we'll see what they say I'm just yeah not happy about a major fix like this at two hundred and seven thousand miles so we'll see and now for the big reveal to see the temperature and if I have ice on the windows inside it is twenty-eight

outside temperature this is the second day in a row of temps in the 20s I don't think I've ever been in temperatures lower than about thirty so but let's make a big heart cool gotta get me scraping now I am headed over to an Acura dealer about an hour away to fix a airbag recall I got the notice back in April all right don't criticize me for that and I didn't get the mail till I don't know months and months later but it's time to take care of it and it's about an hour away so I'll have the heat on and I've got some information about my headlight I like to do X's and O's to I do that on all of my grandkids hard there you go that's for you guys I'll talk to you a little later I'll share with you about the headlight yes five hundred dollars one was an eight or nine hundred dollar estimate the other five hundred and so will go with five hundred all right seeing a bit hey I can see now look how pretty it is it's about 7:30 7:30 in the morning lots of traffic already and snow nice I don't know so this was a two minute ordeal here's the wool blanket here's the infinity

scarf that I put around my neck I have some little socks on I have my comfy on comfy links in the description I'm an Amazon affiliate it has fleece on one side big pockets has a hood here's my mess here blankets and I put over my head and that'll about do so we are off and running to the Acura dealer when we're not running we're driving and I oh I've never had this situation in my windows never water but not where it got frozen so I guess I have not been under 30 degree temperatures but I don't know 25 30 35 it's all the same it wasn't here in the car when you're in serenity I can't tell the difference in the 10 degrees so that's a good thing that's really a good thing yeah I'm gonna get my headlight on Friday so this is like a two three day series here with my car situations and my headlight it'll be all brand new have to get a ballast ba ll ast so that is why it's so expensive and there's no aftermarket really for 2003's this gentleman was nice enough to let me do to order Amazon parts and he did it for

me now he doesn't normally do that he saw in rare instances in occasions where he knows the situation and yeah so I feel very blessed about that yeah you have to take the bumper off and it's a it's just an ordeal on a 2003 Acura so is what it is guys that is one of my favorite sayings it is what it is here's one my back there a from Walmart windows are defrosting nicely so all right just give you a little bit of when I get the finished light show it to you and all right later so serenity is just leaving the dealership where she had her airbag replaced I don't know they said this is the third or the fourth time I don't know but they've never had an issue with them so that's good I guess they're just on top of the details all kinds of Acuras here pick one anyone oh my gosh there's SUVs and there's there's look how big that Acura sign is yeah RDX is it's all here and I just found out this was the first Acura dealership that sold the first Acura here in Plano how cool is that I am going to miss coming here I don't know the first

couple years of owning my car I did all the maintenance at an Acura dealer that I found an excellent mechanic in California so I switched but any time I had to go back for something with Acura they just have the nicest service makes you feel like really classy all kinds of snacks and coffee and Starbucks I don't know just very very very nice I'm gonna miss I'm gonna miss Acura there it is okay guys on to my next stop for the day later so now a couple days later evening and my light is looking beautiful working yay no more foggy water inside yep five hundred dollars later you know what they say it is what it is and if it's not one thing it's something else so with that guys I'm glad to have had it fixed I'm glad that I shopped around and found someone who was willing to work with me get Amazon parts although in order to have the warranty he did definitely mark them up he said they mark them up 50% to 65% crazy-making but yeah it is what it is there you have it - matching headlights and a new airbag and what else did serenity have done I don't know she had her new tires

put on that was about I don't know almost 10,000 miles ago maybe not quite so they're looking good yeah so more to come guys keep watching got some surprises in store all right blessings in your day and joy in the journey