03 November 2019

Honda Foreman brake adjuster repair

And this video showing how to free up the brake adjusters on a Honda Foreman.

hey welcome back everybody well here we

are working on the Honda Foreman s and if you've ever dealt with you you know that these adjusters on these front brakes just get nasty and once you can adjust the brakes then it don't work right well let me show you how to free them up if you look at this you can truly see that this thing is seized in here I can put a vise grip on it it will not turn seized well this is how you fix that first of all we'll take a while there's a propane so if you get the net quicker but most people at least have propane for never do the job be better we have set them into the cleaner I have a coffee ultrasonic they would clean it but it's not gonna free though so you have to use the heat please adjust without the good thing suggested I just use the web their chisel just tap them out the only way that we think without the [Applause] or country loosen up you came for to help it go

good selfie I set this aside just my vice-grip a little bit tight make sure she's tight and vice look how about that I'll hit enough boom [Music] light that would be tight very field movement let's go back and forth back and forth it's getting better better going farther you just go back and forth I want the plane to come off so anyway back and forth a little bit here there it is and what you can do why achieving high put a little bit of penetrating oil on it will help come on on off and what you do is you pull the penetrate logo behind it and then screw it back on the long way turn it back on to clean those threads lubricate it little work right and you just go back and forth until very smooth I put a little bit in both guns here because you don't want tot it touch it because it's still hot all right well there you go now it's all freed up still hot you can see it steaming but once you get off and it'll be freed up and it'll be ready for you

to take off make church really freed up you can put it on the wire wheel help clean it up okay well hopefully that helps somebody if you got them those just are stuck on a Honda hundres the only one who uses a disc brakes anymore but if you have an older other four-wheeler most older drum brakes they should be all-district you know for you think they already should have been over disparate but it took them a while so hopefully it's helpful buddy everybody take care subscribe hit the bell and you get notifications and I'm putting videos out everybody take care and have a good