04 November 2019

How Not to change your oil - Vanlife

I thought I had found a loop hole in the whole oil change debacle, using a pump to suck it out the dipstick tube. I was mistaken!! Watch this is you're thinking of ...

right into Spain France Portugal but a

niche in Jordan the vamp and I've been too quick fit in everywhere and the Vans too big to get on the ramps nothing but them our big is so I decide to do myself it takes 10 liters of oil but anyway I was gonna get on ramps once with a ball click the oil and all that nightmare and then because you can damage the sambar and all I looked on the internet and you get one of these and all your pump and what you do just put one tube down your dipstick give the tube into a container press the button and pray so I'm going to see weapons to see if I can change myself so it's cost me these parts the pump cost me 15 quid and the the container cost me eight which we can take straight to the scrap yard not scrap yard to the recycle place and then we're to get rid of it so now all those in the dipstick this one goes into your waste container Tom dipstick mmm pullin out are you doing are you doing alright so you can get this in there I'm not sure this is gonna work there's no dipstick dipstick hole and I've run the engine for 10 minutes to warm it up then if you keep pushing it keep on all that's hit something I don't

as a good sign or a bad sign [Applause] got me Jubilee clips I've wide it wrong way Oh didn't work so up on the ramps underneath something off sorry that way oxytocin belly cut off I needs me some bong which I've gotta get out no no I'm good right to buy these to get a Swampert cuz have no idea what size it is they're bad boy so hopefully one of them will fit let's get it off there is let's see what happens drop in the bucket that's the bit I didn't counter the wind all going to plan a little bit of overspray right well that drains or you feel it by the power of Grayskull oh oh well to be honest that one is well as an expense again is all the old stuff now I hope this is the right all your filler because they sent me the wrong fuel filler there's a little bit of oh yeah I've got a match up the size of me old through a manure well me also her when milk that was in there somewhere ain't putting me under now come on well no one do it order me a now and

everything anyway new oil hundred pounds worth of oil coming in there we're never work again yes ma below well let's put it back together this is Arthur's workshop typical farm is a it's all set it's just a nasty bug and loads of tools they fit nothing and a few tractors a few tractors anyway job done let's get out of here