02 November 2019

How to change oil on a Ford Expedition

In this video, I will show you how to change the oil on a 2011 Ford Expedition. I have also included a list and links below of the tools I recommend for this type of ...

today we're gonna do an oil change on a

2011 Ford Expedition alright this expedition takes seven quarts of 5w 20 and an 8 20 old filter make sure to check your owner's manual to make sure that you get the right oil for your vehicle ok the tools you're gonna need to perform the old change you're either gonna need a pair of jack stands and a jack to get the vehicle up in the air with or we can use some drive up ramps which is what I'm gonna be using you're gonna need something to drain the oil into and I'm gonna be using this oil a drinkin container that I got from Walmart you're also gonna need something to put the oil back into the engine you can get a funnel in the auto parts store or you can make one yourself and I just made this one I have an old quart of oil my requires a 16 millimeter wrench and your oil filter wrench you may or may not need this depending on how tight the oil filter is all right everyone get this running up in the air I'm gonna use these drive up ramps to drive the front end up onto the help get my shot please thank you now you're good we're gonna use this we're gonna use this to line the front end up alright let's get

started obviously we're gonna crawl up under the vehicle where I'm at now we're gonna take your wrench and put it on the drain plug and we're gonna back it out sometimes you can do it by hand sometimes you gotta work it all the way out and I would suggest wearing gloves I just forgot to grab mine and don't feel like crawling back out from under the door and there we go we'll just wait on that to drain out okay now that the old has stopped draining out next we're gonna put our drain plug back in but first I like to look at it to make sure that there's no tears or anything like that and the rubber seal at the bottom because if there is it's probably gonna leak but this one looks good so we're gonna put it back in [Music] and remember when you put these things back in all it takes us is a good snug and you're done now we're gonna move to the front and take care of the old filter okay now that we're at the filter we're gonna pull it off try it by hand first yep and then get mine by hand we'll slowly back it off so it starts just starts to drain there we

go let that sit for a second and again if it was too tight to do it by hand take your old filter wrench you could slide it over it locks in place and you just turn it like that then you could back it out by hand all right when this one comes off I'm gonna try and tilt the part uh-huh there we go to cue it from spilling everywhere now let that sit for a minute we'll put the new one on all right I can get up in here we're just gonna wipe that flange here off where the seal is gonna rest also it's good time to check to make sure there's no seal stuck on it because double sealing these things does not turn out very well you will definitely leak all right here's our new filter first we're gonna pour it just a little bit to saturate the filter and next also to help in the future when taking this thing off we're gonna take some oil and rub it around the seal this will keep it from seizing up and helping it come off a lot easier just like that all right now the only thing left to do is to put the filter on before we move up top it's line the threads up and spin it off now remember this just

needs to be hand tight and you're good to go let's move up top all right almost done four up top are you going to do some type of funnel and I'm using an old quart of oil container that I've just cut in half I'm gonna get that lined up and seeded and now we're just gonna pour the new oil in I know this is exciting all right watch this one's done that'll be five quarts and we'll need two more also a little tip for those that didn't know holding the oil quart this way will help keep the air from getting trapped inside and making it gurgle on you it allows it to be poured nice and smooth all right let's get that out put the cap on and let's start it up and see if we've got all pressure well to start it up and see what the old pressure does and we're good alright the very last step I like to do to give me that extra peace of mind is to pull the dipstick get the old oil off the tip there and we'll check our or level in between the hash marks we are good to go alright guys one thing I did fail to mention before check in the oil of your level check the oil of your level okay

one thing I did fail to mention before checking the level of your oil is to make sure that your vehicle is back on level ground so back it off the ramp or remove the jacks and then check it and you'll be good to go thanks guys for watching the video this is my first one by the way so I'll come in just a little slack please I'd really appreciate it if you did like it please like if you want to subscribe I highly encourage it so until the next how-to video thanks a lot