02 November 2019

How To: Change the oil and filter on a 2008 Suzuki Boulevard M50

This is my latest video in my 'how-to' series. Changing the oil on a bike is super easy and saves you a tonne of money, instead of paying a mechanic to do it.

hey guys so I am back I shipped the bike

to Australia and yeah that was interesting the hair is growing back obviously shaped anymore and it's time to do an oil change oil and filter change so I'm gonna do that now I've written here to a mates house and it's nice and warm and yeah let's see how it goes all right so before I start I've got all my tools and oil together so for my bike I've got a m50 2008 M 50 Boulevard and I know I need three point four litres of oil I use full synthetic personal preference but it's just what I use you don't have to I've got my filter I've got my crush washers I've got a hammer my 14 mil and a Phillips head screwdriver which I actually used to take the oil filter off because I don't have a fancy tool to take it off I've also got my drip tray over there and I'm gonna crack on with it right so I don't have a fancy tool like I said so basically I hammer this into the filter and then I twist it down so it's a bit of a pain my bike trying to do this it's a very awkward right so I've got that in just give it a twist there we go so it's loosening up all right so I've I need to loosen the filter up so I'm just gonna twist it off

like that get this guy off all right 40-millimeter taking off the some plugs underneath my bike to get the rest of the oil out look at backs and the crush washer it's just stuck on there so I don't know if that guy's going to come off or worry about that once the oil is all drained out so time to go have a beer and let that do its thing thirty minutes got this guy off and got the crushed washer off so it looks good there's no metal shavings so I'm gonna put another crush washer on brand new one and put that back in and then I'm going to put on the oil filter all right couple clicks clean oil run it around that rubber seal just helps it seal I'm just gonna tighten that right hand first then again I don't have fancy tools so I usually just tighten it by hand and I've done quite a few changes in my time and this has not failed me yet there we go I got three point four liters of oil here put the cap back on oil change go to change done ready to do some more writing after this here