03 November 2019

How to change the oil on a Honda Ruckus

Steps to change the oil on a Honda ruckus all years.

what's up guys welcome back to the

channel today I'm gonna be doing a little maintenance on my Honda ruckus I'm gonna do an oil change because I don't want to take my bike back to the dealer for the 500 mile maintenance so I'm gonna do everything here myself but the first thing I'm gonna take care of today is the oil change so let me go over that with you guys there's a couple things you're gonna need i receiving the needs of oil you're gonna need a 17 millimeter wrench with an extension ratchet with an extension you're going to need a 17 millimeter wrench rag something to catch your oil in can we go over that quick there's the oil that I'm using now it is for motorcycles so you have to make sure you get that can you use regular oil I'm not gonna say yes or no but they sell it motorcycle oil for a reason you're gonna need a funnel and you're gonna need a measuring cup you get measuring cups something like this cuz you're supposed to put 19.2 ounces of oil in or a sixth of port probably need a rag - and I have some other little gadget I'm gonna be using so let me get you guys set up I'll show you where the oil drain is I'll show you where the little screen is that

you have to change yeah we'd have to change it you have to take apart and clean it so let me get you guys set up be right guys come back first thing you're gonna want to do is remove your dipstick so do that before you even go any further into this alright now your oil drain plug is gonna be right here this big guy 17 millimeter so you need a 17 millimeter ratchet with an extension for that and then the screen is right here and you're gonna need a 17 millimeter wrench for that so you can access that drain pan and I have this little gadget here so just in case the oil starts dripping down on my stand I have here if you get in there don't take it out too fast take it out nice and slow depending on what crop drain pan you're using now you can start the bike you know before you do this and so the oil will come out a little faster depending on how much of a rush you're in all right once that's all done grab a rag go ahead and clean your bolt off get it nice and clean you know these these are crush washers so you're only gonna be able to use them

so many times you're supposed to change it every time you do want to oil change that's what Honda says but I just flip mine so I'll get a couple oil change sizes so I'll probably go for oil changes before I actually get a new crush washer that's what I do on my cars and I have never had a problem the weeks and anything like that so you gonna clean your bowl top you want to clean around where the bulk goes so there's any type of debris left you get rid of that and go ahead and reinstall your bolt and go ahead and tighten it's supposed to be 14 pounds 14 foot pounds if you want to get crazy and start using a torque wrench I just hand tighten it that's all that's fine all right that parts done now we're gonna move over here to the strainer now no oil should come out of here but we'll see make sure you pay attention to how this comes apart it has to go back sir Hawaii now what this strainer does acts like an oil filter so you got your cap get your spring and you got your strainer now this is supposed to stay on to the

cap it goes like that so it first comes off that just goes around there the strainer catches all any little pieces of metal that might be in there and you see if I can get something out I don't think there's anything in here there's a little piece down here it's a little piece of something see catches any any particulates or anything so I'm gonna go ahead and get this stuff all cleaned up guys and I'll get back with you in one second and before you do put this all back together just make sure you get it all cleaned up is there anything on it get it off now alright it goes back together like this okay now this is supposed to be 17 foot-pounds I'm not mistaken but I just hand tighten I've always done it this way with all my vehicles and I've never had any problems just don't over tighten it whatever you do you'll be fine it's got a no whirring so and that should be tight enough all right so now your oil is out what's the next step next step next step is getting your measuring up and your oil 19 point two ounces like I said

this isn't gonna be a hundred percent precise but it's gonna be pretty close that's around where you want to be let me move this stuff to the other side and get set up and I'll bring you guys there all right guys last step it's putting the oil back in the bike and your dipstick would be here when he's already out because I want to take it out so I can drain the oil I need some type of funnel corioli line a lipstick area when your dipstick off [Music] know if you guys can see that oil should be right about to the tore my fingernail is that's where you want to be on the dipstick so let the bike run after you're all done let the bike run for about ten minutes let the oil cycle and let the fight cool down and then check the oil gun if need be add oil so that's it for this guys I hope that was a informative video this was the first time I've actually done this myself so we both we all learned something together next thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna be doing a gear oil change that'll be in my one of my in my next video and then in the future

there's gonna be another video I'm going to take apart the variator and all that stuff and change the weights I'll let you guys see that I'll probably put a new belt on I believe that's part of the 500 mile maintenance that Honda does which I can't take my bike back there cuz for what because they're just gonna avoid my warranty and there's no point in going back for doing simple maintenance like this so stay tuned guys thanks for watching appreciate you guys if you liked what you saw give me subscribe hit that Bell for every time I post a video you get a notification until the next video peace