03 November 2019

How to repair Wheel Axle For RC CAR (Part One)

Hey guys this is my gmade r1 repair video and this is the descripition of the part. The next video is gonna be on how to install it.

okay what's going on guys advance Here I

am back with another I'm back with my very first RC car fix here I don't I said another but anyways I guess there's not a bit okay here's mine okay so first of all we have our knuckle arm here as you can see this piece is broken right here and I'll show you what this piece looks like in a hole I can actually get the manual over here on the front page here it is called a wheel axle that's the part number for it let me zoom into the okay that is the part number for this is a G made r1 and okay so as you can see we have this tool here and I'll show you what this originally sits at and yeah okay this is the other piece for here that went right there or yeah you know what I mean okay so this originally sat on the car right here and it was connected to the tie rod here and obviously okay it would be the end of the knuckle arm here that goes to the tie rod that portion right there I don't know if you guys can see that but that portion right there would actually be right under this hex nut here focused yeah I'd be right there my fingers and then that would be connected to here and I can show you guys what this would look like but right now fortunately it's

broken so I'm gonna pause and I'll show you it kind of assembled to the actual tie rod but I'm going to put this back in here it goes into the other end I'm just gonna put this knuckle arm up like this and then you want to make sure you put it in correctly and then as you can see the other portion would have been connected and this piece right here this sorry this is my actual toolbox here this little metal piece right here would go as you can see there's like a hollowing point right through there this would connect right there and that metal piece would go right through and I'm going to get this on the actual car right here I'm gonna get this under here to show you what actually looks like and a lot of people just buy a whole entire new knuckle arm and you don't actually need to do that you just need to get the wheel axle to save you money these are brought $10 on Amazon for the replacement I don't know what it is for other vehicles but for the G made r1 it is actually $10 and I will put this on here and show you what it looks like so you have a little bit of reference if you have another teammate or r1 or a lot of actually other

companies do this like this so let me show you okay so far I there are these little screws right here hold on let me focus on those things right there oh did okay it doesn't want to really focus on it it's really dirty sorry those go on each side I have another one over here okay those those things go on to the thing here and that's what makes it be able to turn and I don't have all the way I don't have all of them in so it's not gonna work that well but as you can see when the tie rods move it will actually move that and I don't have the other bottom on him as you can see it's right here so yeah that's where it's actually supposed to go I only have this part of the way in its actually supposed to go in further than that but that's what it's supposed to look like I will be getting the new part to show you how to install it and as you can just could see it was pretty easy to install but if your wheel does break off and this portion right here isn't staying on you know show you not that actually needs to go on here so this right here when that bolt goes through this part is what you screw onto the tire this goes

on to this piece right over here goes on to this and then this will go over this is your gonna be you're gonna see this sitting right here I will take you I'll take off the other side of the tire to show you guys what it's actually supposed to look like and liquid its repaired and then I will install it so you guys get like the full course of how to do it hold on guys okay and if you guys are actually new to RC cars which I sort of am this right here is actually a tool that comes with the RC car and if you don't it's actually pretty easy to find you just okay sorry my flash turned off there you just need to look in here and this will go on here butter being bought a boom and then you just turn alright hold on I can't do this one-handed I need a switch because I am actually left-handed okay so you turn let me just get it going Oh turn along okay hold on thanks and that just fell off on the other side okay so you just turn to the left here cuz lefty loosey righty tighty and then once you turn enough here it will get going it's kind of working its way away from here okay it'll you will

twisted the rest of the way and it'll be a small hex nut I'm gonna do up not all the way off hold on almost almost okay yeah as you can see it's in there I need to get working to get my flash back on hold up okay yeah but that comes out and then living but a boom tire comes off and then that that right there is actually a perfect example so the tires actually turn right now on them that's gonna be it straight you're gonna see it right there and then BAM that's what broke off that's what broke my tire off and then you'll actually just be able to take this off boom that's it assembled okay and I will show you guys the video when it arrives and I'll show you guys how to install it and how to get everything back to normal so you guys can get out and crawling again