03 November 2019

How to take care of your car during these colder months.

The chill is in the air and it could affect more than just you It could do some strange things to your car. Jim Garnand from NARPRO tells us what we need to look ...

good morning and welcome back to good

morning Arizona I am joined by Jim here he is the narpro carb maintenance expert and he's here to tell us as the weather changes we're talking about getting cooler so does the maintenance required with your vehicle yeah things change a little bit and one of the most important is your tire pressure yes I went through that yesterday and I'm holding a tire gauge we were just talking about this long line for that free air @qt yeah because it cools off at night and then when you're driving on the road the tires are running against a hot surface so they get really hot when you're driving and cool off and that variation causes you to have that TPMS tire pressure warning light on your - yes that annoying light that's like what's wrong with my car what now car but I can tell you this is something that here in Arizona we're used to doing every year but it does slip our mind of course the holiday season is coming up so what do you want people to know well one of the things is a tire when that when that light comes on it's time to look at it and don't get mad at the light the cars trying to help you but during the summer your battery has been really stressed by

the summer heat and batteries work a little harder in the cool of winter so as we enter the winter time pay attention if you turn the key in the cars turning over real slow get your battery checked out because there's a good chance you have a little bit of a problem there okay so that's interesting so that's a good sign so once you turn the key is there gonna be a sound we're looking for but you normally you're used to hitting the key in the curl spur right right you know you used to have cars are good and then in an init before it started most of the newer cars you hit the key and it's room right away if you turn the key and it rotates a little bit longer than normal or if you turn the key and it sounds like it's turning over slowly I want to get it checked out and probably right away because that warning isn't gonna give you a whole lot of time to work with it no okay so what do we have here this is a little battery backup this one of my favorite new little car toys because you can charge your cell phone with it and then in a pinch you can actually plug this in and jumpstart your car with it I can't believe this this little thing right

here can help you jump-start your car right if you have a fully dead battery there's probably not enough power in one of those to start the car but if the battery just needs a little bit of help that can help get you then D'Arnot we're gonna try okay so let's talk about the non soon effecting at the winchell especially now that it's going to be cool and you get a little bit of ice on your windshield well you've you've spent the summer with your windshield getting welded or the wiper blades getting welded to the winds not used it alright maybe a few days you'll go to turn them on and that rubber is going to stick to the window and some of the time that just kind of tears that little rubber edge off and then you have no wiper that works at all but normally what happens is they just don't clear the windshield when you're doing it wipers aren't the best way to clear ice off the windshield that now you know most of us will try it though Arizona you probably can't find an ice scraper however you probably have a credit card in your wallet yes and in a pinch you can script it going to use

anything that you have your vehicle really just making sure you're not scraping the glass but you brought in two different types of windshield wipers what's the difference here well this is an old-school wiper blade and you can see that it has points of contact that hold it against the window okay the newer wiper blades actually have just a metal bandit that's pressured and it makes contact all the way across so you don't end up with those pressure points remember when your wipers would leave like for streaks yes telling you hey I need to be replaced these don't do that Oh fancy okay so let's get to the kentucky litter what does that do in here on the table well you know every now and then we drive outside of the valley and they have that white stuff on the ground in that I've no clue what you're talking about I think they collect snow yes we got snow and Cave Creek and then Flagstaff so if you're out there you do recommend really quickly yeah the kitty litter can help you if you're getting in a pinch and you need a little bit more traction to get their porn a little kitty litter on the pathway can get you out of yeah

out of being stuck I like that these are almost like a practical at home inexpensive remedies I like that advice and last but not least you're saying cuz it's cool outside I mean it's even cool this morning put a blanket in your car yeah just keep a blanket in case you get you get stuck keeping them a little bit of comfort in I mean great information and then invest in one of these tire gauges it's not a pen it is a tire gauge well thank you so much for Ganesh you can always email gym at narpro.com