02 November 2019

Hyundai i20 1.4 2009 oil, oil filter, air filter, change, screenwash top up, coolant antifreeze chec

hi everybody on today's video I have

this Hyundai i20 this is a 2009 and I'm gonna be changing the oil the oil filter I'm gonna chop up some screen wash fluid check the coolant level and also have a look at the air filter I won't be changed in the air field today but I will show you where it is and how you could change it okay so to start with I'm going to chop up some screen wash fluid and that goes in the little container there with the blue top so you can get screen wash anywhere really and any garage you can buy the one that's already mixed or you can buy concentrated screen wash and mix it yourself maybe 50/50 if your if you body already mixed one then it's just easy just put it in and you're pretty much ready to go and that's it really just top it up and I wouldn't recommend putting just water in there if you really need it to then you can but if you go into winter and it gets very cold that water will just freeze and you won't have any water coming out of your windscreen also if you use if you mix any washing liquids in there then it becomes bubbly and jelly and again it blocks the Jets and nothing comes out so now we're gonna check the coolant level

in this car is pretty obvious : T's in that container and it's got a black top plastic top again if the cars been running and it's it was very hot in opened up with caution if you're going to open it but you can check the level from outside there is an F there and then L so full and low if you found your antifreeze to be under low you would want to top it up and perhaps try to find out why you may have lost some coolant m and just monitor that you have to topping it up if it starts going down again you may have a very minor small leak somewhere this one is some fool and you can see the color is quite pinkish which is a good sign because if it was just clear then that would mean there is water in there and there is no antifreeze but you can also use a little gadget to check - check your antifreeze level I have this one you fill it up and it shows you two - what temperature with that resist and not freeze basically because again in winter you don't want this precinct so this particular one this particular one is reading around minus 10 degrees so I think that could

do with a little bit more antifreeze to be honest and take it to the minus 20 perhaps somebody changed the coolant and didn't put enough antifreeze in it that could happen for a number of reasons if somebody changed the water pump or the radiator or anything else then that needs to be filled up again maybe they just didn't use as much antifreeze as they would have wanted to but this is not bad it will withstand minus 10 degrees C and here in the UK I think we have where they lay that but not very often so so if you really want to be cautious you could drain some of that coolant and add some more antifreeze but I won't be doing that today or right now because we are concentrating on the other things that are the engine oil and the the filter and the air filter so now I'm just gonna show you where the air filter is located and how to access it that's the that's the cover for the air filter and there's two little Clips here on the side just pull them back and you should be able to lift this up filter is there that's our filter so that is a Bosch sweet thing on the side Bosch f02 six four zero zero one

three seven so basically you have a little cut here and that goes with the cut on the side when you fit it back put it down make sure the hooks the cover hooks at the back there and push it down and get your clips back on and that's pretty much it it's a fairly simple one so now I'm gonna move on to the oil and the oil filter and for that I'm gonna get the car up to drain the oil and change the filter but before I'm just gonna pull the dipstick out and open that cover the the oil the oil filler cap just open it then leave it like that it's just to allow a little bit of air while we drain the oil from underneath okay so looking at the car from underneath and we'll be able to see the sampler the sump plug and the oil filter is just sitting there so get an oil pan and we're gonna crack that open that is a 17 mil so you need a 17mm socket and we can get that often just remember feet if the engines been running the oil muggy very hot so be careful not to burn yourself and this wasn't running this was running very small amount of time so the oil is warm but it's not really hot you

you now just expecting this washer here it's a little bit damaged maybe it's been used a few times it's a little bit hard to remove I'm just kind of undoing it from the from the bolt so just holding it here and I'm doing that may need some pliers and just I'm definitely gonna change this just over with any antiques they probably would be minor okay so I've gotta wash their new OSHA OSHA and the part number for that washer is a TA one zero zero one zero five blueprint this one says two feet instead he spends it also fits this this while that is draining we're going to I'm going to remove the oil filter I'm gonna use one of these because I haven't got the proper size socket up it's that and hopefully this is not too tight so I'm not going to struggle to village okay so that was in tacking there at all and this would also drip oil so make sure you have your oil pan underneath a little trick believe it you so I clean the area a little bit and I'm ready to fit my filter I've got the

filter here is a Bix the part number is WL seven one seven one and I just applied a little bit of multi-purpose grease or a bit of oil here on this ring so this whole ring can sit nicely and create a proper seal once we tight a and we're only gonna fit this in by hand just tighten it I have I clean the area of it okay so tightened up filtering by hand no need for any tools and then I'm just going to clean the area again I live here with some freaking clutch fluid cleaner but just before I'm going to fit the sample I bolt with a new push out so I like to clean the area just to make sure the oil has dripped from there and it's made a stain around this comb because then if any oil appears in the future then we know we actually have a leak rather than the oil that we left there and we didn't clean it so it's best to clean it and then you know because after having a quick look at this engine and it's very dry underneath there's no air leaks so if I let let that bit of oil there on the side if I let it be there I can get confused next year forget about it and then think that there's actually a leak so I think it's

important to keep things clean and if you did have a leak then it's also worth cleaning it and running the engine and trying to find out where it's coming from anyway now I'm gonna lower the car and we can top up some oil in it you so now we're ready to top up some oil in the garage I bought the oil from recommended 5w30 and that's why it was on the technical data and also stated four liters okay so I've got the manual here the manual for this car and this is a petrol engine and it's a 1.4 and it says they're 3.3 liters that is for the engine oil drain and refill so the viscosity is seen nowadays according to temperature mainly so 5w30 is usually within a good range of temperatures from minus 25 or so to plus 35 38 here so I'm gonna be using 5w30 as I said and and as we can see 3.3 liters is showing here the only thing I haven't been able to see is whether that is with changing the oil or filter or not because when we change the oil filter sometimes a little bit more oil goes in there so we can just make

sure we double checking or dipstick anyway that way we don't overfill it okay so that's for the manual for the i-20 you you okay I got three point three liters in there to set up we threw that piece the dipstick and okay so we're a bit above the pool yeah it's just gone up to that shiny be there so we have the low and the fool those two dots there and we are aiming to be a buffoon as we just change the oil which is carrying our service so this is three point three liters it's just gone over the fool so I expect that that is the correct amount because some of that oily will go into the oil filter surrounding a little bit and I'm gonna check that dipstick again and that's pretty much on the fool there so whatever was over is gone to the filter and now the oil is pretty much at that at that little dots there with the F obviously you can let it set on for not for 10 minutes or so and then check the oil watch this properly but I can see that

that is about the right amount and well that's pretty much it I hope this video helps and thanks for watching you