02 November 2019

Let’s talk about Car Maintenance real quick

Dreak Speaks This is huge and can save you money in the long run single mothers.

hello and welcome to my channel single

mothers for the wind my name is Andre janae and if you like my content make sure you subscribe and don't forget to hit the notification barrel hi welcome back to my channel I gotta make sure I do the proper introductions because my son he read me my rights honey he goes mom you always say welcome to my page it's not a page mom on YouTube it's called a channel excuse me so how to correct myself and happen say welcome to my channel instead of saying and welcome to my page so I gotta change all my intros now well moving forward changing my interest welcome to my channel being an adult today and I was taking care of my responsibilities in running errands and knowing what I have to do as a single mom and somebody needs to hear this because I need to do this in the past all the time car maintenance don't wait into the last minute to get your car fixed like the oil changes the tires the brakes to not wait to the last minute I want to go get more oil change today and he goes oh it's gonna be such a system out and you need to get this replace you need to get that replaced I'm like get it done fix it all now I don't want to

have no issues cuz back in the day I used to say no I'll wait till next time no I get it then next time just I just came in from our oil change I first explained all that just trying to get money from me they just trying to they see me as a lady in this car place and they just want to get money but no my oil change is filthy I needed to get it replaced my oil - 150 percent I had to get a new oil change my tires is fine everything else is fine those were the two major things I had to get done today but in the past because you know I'm growing I would have said no but their air filter give me my oil change and I want the cheapest one give me the one for 40 bucks right so now I out of curiosity I said so tell me different what's the price tell me the difference in prices and why some oils are more expensive than the most in what's the breakdown so he was humming about better Glenn and all-natural blends and you know premium oil so I was like hmm so he kind of broke down the different oils and I got a little education segment from it but I'm not gonna be I need my car I'm not gonna be stranded on

the road because oh I fell to get it higher in my is bald and it blew out I might get my tire replaced not just when I'm getting all four I'm gonna get make sure my cars on line so you know my tires can last longer I'm gonna make sure I keep up with my oil change every three months or every 3,000 miles I suggestion so these are just like little tips that you can do keep your car don't matter if your car's número but keep up the maintenance of your car so then you won't be having to fork out thousands of dollars and something bad happens because you didn't keep up with something in the beginning and also I wanted to say I wouldn't have the money back in the day I'm gonna have the money to give them a car place if I didn't properly saved that's why I budget is so important so you want to incorporate your car maintenance into your budget every month put away every time you get paid five ten dollars if you don't have it all at once for your car maintenance get an envelope put car maintenance on and save that just for your car maintenance for your tires for your oil changes for your air filter for needs to be replaced windshield wipers you know

put that away for your car maintenance and I learnt that too throughout the years you never know when you're hard on right now what have a newer car thank the Lord but back in the day I never knew what my car was gonna break down my check engine light will be on and I never got a six never checked out cuz I was frightened I was kid I didn't know if they was gonna tell me that I had to pay this and have to pay that so I just rode around with my check engine light for years thank God and then when I turned it in when I sold it I sold it for a cash car like it's a miracle you lasted this long in this car this car was this short of the engine coming down I was like I never want to go get the car checked on ever I just met luckily I just hopped in and I drove I play gasps I think I'm I'll change basic oil change I don't care about else and I just kept it moving that was just my mentality like these they're trying to get money from me I ain't trying to do all that just give me money so I can go at least I thought I kept Boyle in my car clean oil that's that's how I'm gonna sleep right

now at least I got my oil change but no you want to secure your car so it can last you longer for longevity you must recover laughs your baby's gotta get to the doctor you got to take them to field trips um take them to school you got to take you know you you need your transportation and this is for single moms who have no one else to depend on all you have is yourself so you're working you're saving you're doing what you got to do for your babies put money aside for your car maintenance $40 if you loop okay if you got a deuce you got to do it but get the one the last five thousand miles instead of the one that lasts 3,000 miles I mean there's only 20 bucks more right if they if they suggest something get it fixed get it done so a little backfire on you in the long run because you neglected to get something that in the first place is that make sense so I just have to say that make sure you keep up on your car maintenance make sure you get your oil change as needed don't wait for the check-in you like to come on like me if you feel like your car needs some work done go get it inspected for free keep them tires rotated keeping

tires clean you want to make sure you driving safely on the road with the babies and yeah take care of responsibilities you a single mom all you have is yourself and the grace of God at the end of the day to make sure your baby's taken care of so well I'm speaking for myself everybody just because someone's a single mom that don't mean a thing I help but I'm speaking for myself so I also help is good take what you can if you know someone any other family that's not my cannon do what you got to do get coupons do Groupon so yeah working out single moms y'all got this keep that car healthy keep yourself healthy keep your baby's healthy all right and till the next video y'all take care by