03 November 2019

Lifan Lycan Oil Change

Need to change your oil in your Lifan Lycan 250cc Cruiser ? THIS IS THE VIDEO FOR YOU. A short video on how to change the oil and do it right (Maybe ...

hello everybody this is Cesar with small

engine velocity coming at you with another video on the American Lafon like in have you ever wanted to change our oil but didn't know how or what you needed to do to make it happen well this is the video for you in this video we will change the oil and clean the screen and that's pretty much what it takes to get the oil in this thing but before we begin let's roll that intro so here's what you're gonna need you're gonna need some 10 w 40 you're gonna need your funnel preferably a long funnel because you have to go down the body of the bike across the airbox to get that oil in then you're gonna need a rag and a small engine velocity key chain so that you're cool of course but the rag is for you to be clean because we don't want to be messy we'll need a either a socket wrench with a 19 inch socket or an adjustable wrench would work and then something to drain the oil with now when we look at the bike it's not a hundred percent necessary to put it on a jack stand but it just makes it easier for recording the video at the moment and so that you can slide everything in there conveniently so the first thing we're

gonna do so the first thing you need to do is locate the drain plug underneath the lykan it should be in the center and it should be very obvious this is where you're gonna use the 19 inch socket go ahead and put the socket on to the nut and then you will turn it clockwise to loosen go ahead and just break it loose all right one sluice go ahead and put your receptacle that you will drain the oil with underneath and continue to loosen okay be sure to once you get to the point where it's about to come up be sure to push it up make sure all the threads are off and then pull the plug away Lew gross look at all that oil so at this point you can just wait for a little while let it completely drain or drain as much as you feel like you need to do but I personally like to let it drain for five minutes to make sure that I get as much of it out is that over the oil old oil out as I can while we're waiting for the oil to drain you'll notice that the plug when you pull it out it has a spring and it also has the filter or the screen what you want to do is look inside this screen to check to see if there's any little bits and

debris inside of there and kind of give it a good cleaning make sure it's completely dry after you're done cleaning it before you put it back on but this will help you filter out any impurities or whatever that might happen to be floating around in your oil when you put it in and in this particular case it doesn't look that bad once your oil has complete go ahead and put your cap back in it goes cap and then spring and then screen and then slowly hoist that back into the original hole thread it make sure when you're putting this back on that you don't cross thread and it should free spin freely by hand and hand tighten it all the way down before you use the wrench once it's as tight as you can with your hand go ahead and reuse your 19 millimeter socket don't forget to make sure that it's on tighten and apply pressure and tighten back up since this is spring-loaded you should just be able to make this hand tight and we're done down here so let's go ahead and move on to putting oil into the bike next thing to do is locate the chrome covered cap it should be on the right side of the

bike go ahead and remove the cap put the funnel in and you'll see why you need a long funnel there you go once the funnel is in go ahead and get your oil remove the cap now from experience this bike takes exactly one bottle of oil go ahead and fill pour slowly once all the oil is in be sure to remove the funnel but check to make sure there's no more oil that will drip onto your motor put the funnel back into the bottle for recycling of the old oil replace the cap after putting the oil you can check the fill level it's on the bottom right hand side of the bike just below the exhaust manifold and you can see there's little marks and you want the oil between those marks in this particular case it's not between the two marks so we'll go ahead and put a little bit more oil okay so we put a little bit more oil and now if you could see the oil level line is between the two marks once you're complete don't forget to take that oil that you had that dirty gross oil and pour it with the funnel back into the original container so that you can send it off for recycling also note that when we did our oil change we had it on a flat jack stand for bikes so

it was level the whole time we were fill if you are using the kickstand make sure that you pick up the bike off the kickstand to checks that check that level on your for your oil to make sure that it's it's the correct amount otherwise you might end up over filling it because it'll have most of the oil on one side of the tip one side of the reservoir anyways thank you for watching don't forget to Like and subscribe and I will see everybody next time [Music] you [Music]