03 November 2019

Molygen 6000kms Later | Liquimoly UV Oil Leak Testing & Oil Change | Audi A4 B8

I prep the Avant for winter with a simple Molygen oil change and swapping on winter tires but take some time to test the UV fluorescence of Liquimoly Molygen ...

hello and welcome back it's nearing the

end of October here in Alberta Canada and although we've got a little bit of snow so far it's been nothing too serious but it does mean that we need to get a few pre winter activities completed before the snow really starts to fall so obviously I need to swap out my summer tire and wheel setup for the winters but I'm also going to be doing an oil change now that's nothing special in and of itself of course but last year I did my first oil change with liqui moly I posted up a video of the UV test because that's supposed to be the stick of this type of liqui moly that if you apply a UV light to it that you can actually see it in the dark and that helps you find leaks so I did a little test and you can kind of check that out right there but I'm going to do another one now because it's been about 6,000 kilometers since I last did an oil change that's longer than I would have liked to leave the car for with old oil in it but that's just what life has been like so over the last 11 months I haven't been paying too close attention and now I'm gonna check things out to make sure things are okay in that same sense last

time I put on a magnetic drain plug onto the bottom of the oil pan and I want to see what stuck to it and make sure that everything seems to be healthy in the engine by the way if you're liking the looks of these tote bags you can check out the product review video I did on them last year right here I've only been using them for one season so this will be the second time a set of tires have gone in and out of them but I actually put all of our spare wheels in the basement over the course of the year so it's nice to keep everything really clean so no crazy DIY here all I'm gonna do is pop off the engine cover and then take out the splash shield that's under the front of the car there's only eight of the Philips quarter-turn screws holding that on and then I will start draining the oil and in the meantime we'll start swapping out the tires here's the shield that I just took out and I was interested to see a couple of wet spots that'll be one of the first things that I check out in my UV test I just started up the car to get the oil a little bit warm before I drained it just to make sure that the oil is mixed up and then you can sitting on the bottom

of the oil pan is gonna drain out quite freely but what I also just found is this interesting noise coming from the intake manifold I think was that a normal noise that sounded like more than valvetrain noise to me let me know in the comment section if you've got an idea of what that was well the oil continues to drain I'm gonna go ahead and cut out the lights and use my little liqui moly UV light here and I'm going to look for some oil leaks I'll give you a quick idea of what this UV test is like and what you'll find is that there are more things in your engine bay that react to UV light than just this oil so you just need to take your time and really purposefully look for areas where oil might seep and just be sure of what you're looking at so I'm under the car right now and obviously the last bit of oil is draining out however take a look at this so just to get a good idea of what that green color looks like for liqui moly it's something like that keep in mind this oil is dirty so it's not quite as fluorescent as it used to be but if we travel up a little bit and we're looking at the bottom of

the alternator right now you can clearly see that oil has seeped down from somewhere else and is collecting on the bottom of the alternator especially on this bolt here and on the bottom right there and if I just switch to normal light you can see that it's quite grimy it's got a lot of grease and oil residue looking at the splash shield if this is oil it's not saturated enough to show its fluorescence under UV like so so I'm gonna clean the entire shield with a degreaser and then keep my eye on it in the coming weeks two rounds of gunk engine cleaner later the shield is looking way better and this should help me find any new spots one thing I learned from doing this last time was that there's simply not a lot of clearance around the top of the oil filter so if you want to just use your hand and turn you're hitting a lot of things even if you're using a strap wrench and looking for some rotation you really don't have a lot of room so immediately what I did was I jumped on to Amazon and I bought myself a 14 point 74 millimeter oil filter socket I just cleaned up the oil filter

a little bit and I'm about to lube up the o-ring on this fresh filter and I'll pop it back in and here is the drain plug so I was quite happy to see that there is essentially no metal flaking on here at all I don't really see much of anything so that's great and now it's time to fill her up one piece of advice though if this is your first time doing an oil change on the b8 what I found was that there's no dipstick there's just this little plug that doesn't really do much of anything if you want to find the oil level in the car you actually need to go in and go to your onboard screen and just go into the car settings and check oil level there's an electronic sensor down there and it'll tell you when the level is high enough it's kind of annoying though because you have to fill up a little bit give it a check fill it give it a check so on and so forth not that fun I think I'm going to buy an aftermarket dipstick so I can just check it the old-fashioned way in the car for a second here I'll show you how to check that oil level so go ahead put in the key push it in for auxiliary power and then we are in car right now and just go down to oil level

and if you're lucky this screen will pop up sometimes it'll say that no information is available but just stay on this screen and eventually you should get a reading the oil change is done now and all I just did was clean up the bottom of the a/c compressor I know I said alternator before but I meant to say compressor and I'm not gonna put this flash shield on for the next few days I'm gonna keep it off so I can just pop my head under and take a quick look because I went around with my UV light and I could not find any oil seeping from anywhere really so I'm just not sure where that grime and oil is coming from but I'll keep my eye on it and hopefully it doesn't return it's the next day now and I just wanted to double check that everything is okay and it looks like although there's a little bit of green on the outside of the plug that's just dirty from before but more importantly things are looking good up here there's no new oil dripping down from anywhere I might have just splashed some on here yesterday could have been my fault but everything is looking okay heading up a little bit north though there's still lots of grime up top

and probably in the spring I'll get an engine shampoo done try to keep things really clean and then pay much closer attention next year I'm not really concerned at the moment though and until the next problem or job pops up I am done thanks for joining me today on this short video I hope you found some of it useful for your own car as well and if you liked it please do subscribe thanks again see you next time