03 November 2019

OMC Cobra Volvo Penta SX - Stern Drive Oil Change - Lucas Marine Gear Oil

I'm testing out Lucas Marine Gear Oil in my newest rebuild project. From what I experienced with Lucas in the past, this product hopefully performs just as good.

how's it going everybody welcome to the

next episode what we're gonna be doing here today is we're gonna be adding fluid to this volvo penta sx so this thing is completely dry I took all the fluid out early on in this rebuild project so knowing that it's empty I'll tell you what you need to do to empty it if yours it's not empty and then I'll show you how to fill it up pretty easy process nothing too crazy alright so on top here you've got two of these 3/8 bolts and you got one down here so go ahead and remove these bolts because you're gonna need to gain access to it this is specific to the cone clutch yeah but the come clutch is a little bit different and the easiest way to tell if you have a cone clutch is you've got this little bulge on top and then on the dog clutch style it's just flat so have you got a got a cone clutch like this style is where it's got this little piece on the top then this is the right video for you but otherwise it's a little bit different because the fill hole is actually behind this cover on this model I'll do a video on the other style here pretty soon I just want to show you all this this style here alright and then where you're gonna look

for for your drain it's not really a drain it's the fill hole it's this guy right here so go ahead once you've got your bolts and everything you'll want to go and remove this there we go and there's a little seal around it if you can see that or not as well as a magnet take a look so inspect the seal make sure the seal is in good shape and then if you have any debris around this magnet here hopefully it's not a lot you can see in this one there is it looks like just about nothing which is good so we like to see means there's no abnormal wear if you got a lot of metal on this may want to consider well you may be having some major issues inside your upper unit okay let's talk about some of the supplies you're gonna need you can find this guy right here at your local you know Walmart or wherever but it's basically the way the way you fill this is you're gonna fill it from the bottom and you're gonna push fluid from the lower unit up up up until this is this is where the logic comes from by the way until it starts coming out of that hole once it starts coming out of this little hole

here that means obviously you pushed all the air that could have been trapped underneath and you're pushing it all up that's why you don't just simply pour fluid down because yeah sure it'll make its way down into the lower unit but then you're also gonna run into a situation where air gets trapped in there so this is typically seen as the best way to get fluid from the bottom and then work its way up alright so we're going to keep adding fluid and this is what I'm going to use today abuse is a variety of different types of gear oil this one is obviously advertised by Lucas to be marine gear oil pure synthetic so pretty excited about this you can see it does meet the stand I believe this one is the gl4 standard and as long as it says it on it I'm good with that and obviously it looks like they use this in a race boat application so I'm I'm all about that so anyway okay so obviously I put the oil pan in place now I also backed it up to with a little piece of marine grade plywood so it had something to sit on but basically what you're gonna do is take your flat head and you'll loosen up

this bolt down here now mine as I said earlier is already empty so it's not gonna be full anything we have one little drip in there let's see if we can get this head in place mine's already loosened up yourself get it off there we go just a little little dribble out of there and what what is coming out is actually pretty clear I'll probably let that drain out for a little while in this pan and then I'll go ahead and reinstall it this is a good time as well to check your seal around here and this is magnetic too so if you see a lot of metal around there you may have some lower unit issues going on so keep that in mind so anyway I'll go ahead set that down and just watch this for a little bit and in the meantime what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna hook up the little apparatus that attaches to this and get this thing ready to start putting the gear oil okay let's pull the top off here good and attach this little guy in place okay so what you're gonna want to do first here is before you install this in the bottle you want to thread that little guy in place because it is kind of a pain to do as it is so have you put if

you put this whole thing inside the bottle you're gonna you're gonna run into some problems so go ahead and thread it in first make sure you get it you know just finger tight like that and then go ahead and put the pumper in the bottle there okay here we go start adding some of the gear oil in here see what happens wish me luck okay looks like it is taking pretty well I just keep an eye on obviously it's not gonna make it to the very top with one bottle but maybe once we get to the second I'll have to see okay looks like that is gonna be the first full bottle take a look those signs alright so let's go ahead alright let's go ahead now and switch over to the second core okay so we got our second bottle installed let's go ahead and pump this up and we'll keep an eye out on this hole here see if any gear oil comes out anytime soon anyway we'll just keep at it okay so that is two quarts and no sign of drips yet so we'll go ahead now and move on to our third court and see if we can get any see how much more it's gonna take okay so it looks like it's gonna take just over two courses check it out I got my hand on

the pump I'm gonna barely squeeze it and you can see fluid proportionately comes out as soon as I do that so we're gonna call that good let's go ahead now and put that plug back in and then we'll check on top up here to make sure it's at the right level okay so you can see here we got the plug installed now this is what keeps the fluid from coming out as soon as you disconnect this because the it's just some some fancy physics tricks I guess is when you remove this the oil matrix out but nowhere near what it would be like if you didn't have that in there so just keep that in mind you will you will need that in place before you disconnect that little guy down there because otherwise you're gonna run into some major problems so anyway let's go ahead back on top up here and before we disconnect let's go ahead and take this out and check and see what the fluid level looks like according to the dipstick all right so we assume that everything's at the right level but let's go ahead and loosen up the dipstick now keep in mind if your dipstick will not come off because it's I don't know frozen you'll have to remove these bolts you'll need a I

believe it's like a t30 to get these off if you're not able to get a flathead sorry if you're not able to get a flathead on this and this is froze you'll have to get your t30 to remove these four bolts pull this whole housing off and then loosen it so anyways take a look and yeah we've got fluid just about up to the top there so we'll go ahead and tighten this back down no need to make it super tight we want to make it where there's a good seal alright let's go ahead and grab the drain plug which is down here and we'll go ahead and quickly remove this and then put the plug back in place okay so as you can imagine I still lost a little bit when I pulled that little plug out here so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and pull the dipstick out on the top and again double-check and make sure that it's at the right height and if needed I'll just go ahead and put some more on the top so easy enough right okay and we are just about at the top so let's call this good hope you liked the video hit that subscribe button if you thought this was a helpful video maybe throw some likes my way as well let me know if you have any further

questions or concerns but that is gear oil change on a volvo penta sx as always we'll catch you in the next episode have a good one everybody