11 March 2019

RettroBand - A Revolutionary Step for RV Tire Safety

RettroBand is an all new wheel safety product hitting the RV industry by storm! This essential wheel enhancement product provides an actual built in spare ...

hi I'm Angie with national inter RV

centers and today I'm super excited to tell you about a new product that we're introducing into the market that's going to address head-on one of the big problems that we have with front tire blowouts so today I'm lucky enough to be here in the beautiful country of Australia little land down under and I'm going to tell you all about our new product retro band designed engineered and manufactured by Craig International ballistics [Music] I'm thrilled to introduce Robert Craig keeps the founder of Craig International ballistics and even better he's one of my favorite customers so I think it was three years ago that we met picking up your car truck yes yes I picked up a cornerstone and an in discussion with your CEO we were talking about safety devices and and in particular run-flat devices that were available on the market and I said to him that I didn't think that any of the ones out there that were available in the US would suit this purpose and we got talking for a little while and here we are three years later where we've ready to go to the world with retro brand

retro brand has been specifically designed for motor coaches on their aluminium wheels and in fact the weight rating is greater than that of the wheel that the the coaches are supplied with and it's a it's come out of my particular interest here we manufacture armor and in here in Australia probably the largest armor manufacturer in the country we manufacture body armor be Kalama we do aircraft armor even some of their vessels we have good experience in building life-saving equipment and in the vehicles we build for 20 odd years we've used different types of but run-flat devices so i decided that we'd get going with making a product that could suit the every front-end weight of a motor coach so in the event of a catastrophic failure on the freeways in the United States the owners can continue on until they find someplace safe pull over and call for help to come and change the tire it's better than put in their their lives at risk by not having any protection and a little extra insurance policy and something that's very needed in the in the industry we're gonna walk around show you a little bit more about the product and I'm gonna

practice my Australian accent cuz I really well I'm back at our facility in Texas unfortunately after practicing my Australian accent so diligently I'm a little bit hoarse but I didn't have a great little mum's weekend in Goldie as we would say here the Gold Coast before I show you retro band let's go over the five key tire safety tips that I usually cover with my customers number one is the age of the tires now this is the one that I think is probably one of the most important ones here at national indoor RV centers we recommend that you replace your front end tires every five years now I know that if you go to the Michelin website it's gonna say they're rated to seven years but from our expertise and experience with our customers here at national and for RV centers we find that it's safest she replaced them at five years the biggest issue I have with my customers on the age of the tires they bring their automobile mentality to the RV world and it doesn't really translate they can look at their tires are gonna have this beautiful tread nothing's worn down not like my husband gets on me every year because I wear

mine down bald you look at an RV tire the tread looks beautiful so they think it's okay to continue driving on it and it's really the interior and exterior sidewall that are compromised due to the sheer weight of the RV number two is tire pressure either running it too high or too low can cause excess friction and heat that will compromise your tire here at national indoor RV centers any time a storage customer picks their coach out we check and adjust so tire pressure I know our CEO does the same thing he checks his every morning that he leaves a campground to make sure that it's correct number three is weight the biggest tire out there is the 365 which is weighted for ten thousand five hundred pounds which gives you 21,000 pounds on your front axle and one of the biggest contributors to front end blowouts is over waiting the coach that's why at national indoor RV centers we offer a free four corner wing when we weigh it we weigh it fully wet so full fuel 250 gallons full freshwater tank empty black tank empty gray tank and two adults in the captain and co-captain chairs

there's a sticker on the wall just behind the cab this chair that gives you the baseline for your tire pressure now that's gonna vary depending on how you load your coach so I have customers that will take a heavy tool chest or bicycles or a rascal and depending on where they put those in the baggage compartments is going to greatly affect what that tire pressure should be on that tire so that's why we do the free four corner weights so that we can see for each individual tire if we need to increase or decrease the pressure in that tire to make it accurate number four is speed so national indoor RV centers we recommend that you don't go over seventy miles per hour now I know that you can go over seven miles per hour I'm not gonna tell you how especially those of you with a 605 horsepower engine it's easy to do and if you go to michelin's website is going to tell you that they're rated 475 miles per hour through our customers and our expertise we highly recommend that you don't go above 70 miles per hour for your safety now one through four where items that we can control number five we have no

control over and that's road hazards so there's a number of things that can happen to cause a front end blowout potholes construction something flying off a truck in front of you road debris the list could go on and on but those are all things that can cause a friend and blow out and that's why you need an insurance policy like a retro band here is retro band your spare within your tire now this one is mounted on the 365 aluminum Alcoa rim which is weighted for ten thousand five hundred pounds with a max BSI of 130 this particular rotor band is the polyurethane retro band which weighs about twenty eight pounds and we have another product which is a rubber composite which weighs about forty-four pounds now we really think the weight is insignificant but we feel like our customers may want the lighter polyurethane retro band which just costs a little bit extra so you're probably wondering how this works we have two half's here and the polyurethane product and they're gonna come together there's a male and female and they come together right here at the top to keep them from slipping and then

we've got a gear box at the top and at the bottom and as you tighten those bolts then you're it's gonna cinch up nice and snug so that it's totally tight I'm sure a question that a lot of you are gonna have is what do I do if I have a TPMS system a tire pressure monitoring system so we've thought of that there's a cutout on each side of the retro band where we can put your TPMS system in whether it came standard with your coach or if you're buying an aftermarket product just as a word of caution just because retro band is weighted well above that of the rim you can't overweight the coach you can only go to what the rim is rated if you compromise the rim in any way and it degrades there's nothing to anchor the retro band to heretofore the only product that we had in the RV industry to combat front-end blowouts was this band so this band is specifically designed to keep the tire when you have a front-end blow up from sucking into the wheel boat which happens instantly and then it would peel off the tire rim hits the pavement and you're pulled off the road so this band is designed to just keep the tire on the rim retro band has two

purposes one is to keep the tire on the rim as you can see we've filled the whole wheel well here plus a portion of the tire area and then two it's designed to be driven on so you can get the help that you need aluminum rims are not meant to be driven on at all as you can see the band here is well below the edge of the rim with retro band it's it's four and a half inches above the rim earlier I showed you the retro band with a gap here because I wanted you to see the male and female parts and how it came together so now we've pulled it together nice and snug you can see that there's no movement side to side up and down I'm sure many of you are wondering how this is in effect the balance and ride on your tires it's not gonna affect the ride at all because this is - right on if necessary balancing we've been installing these bans for years we usually have to add three to ten ounces yesterday I saw these installed on one of them after with spin balance we needed to add three ounces on the other we added eight ounces so you're not gonna feel that at all and now that you've seen what retro band is and how it works I'm sure you'd love

to see it in action we're gonna cut to a video our own Robert Craig is there he engineered and designed retro band and he'll be kind of telling you what's happening during the video now the coach that we tested this on is a Gulf Stream gas coach Noatak axles so not as stable we loaded it with ballast to take the front axle and the total GVW to its limit we put a charge on the tire to blow it we were always going 65 miles per hour on straightaways on curves and you'll see a piece of the fiberglass on the coach blow-off that's from the charge not from the tire coming off the rim and here it comes now we've got an explosive stepped onto the side of the left front tire at 65 miles an hour if drivers as I was coming towards us now there's the explosion and he's driving still got full control over over as he drives along no swerving no nothing absolutely amazing to watch and here he comes he's still he's still coming still going he's been six and a half miles I think we're turning to stop now that's a pretty good effort if you're interested in this tested proven life-saving product national indoor RV centers has the exclusive distribution

rights for a period of time so pick up the phone give us a call at four six nine two seven seven 1330 or visit us on our website NIR vici calm