02 November 2019

Sea-Doo Spark Oil Change

Oil change kit- https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BGDWCJ7/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Pump- ...

hey what's up guys today we're going to

change the hole on the CV sport the dealership charges $400 to do it and I just kind of see paying that for something so easy you need just a couple things to do it maybe take twenty minutes so let's get started so the first step we're gonna hook the water hose up to it like if we're gonna flush it but really we're just gonna do it so we can run it and kind of warm it up get the little flowing get it warm and you know if there's any little metal shavings in there since this is the first all change forget those moved around so when we pump it out you know it'll it'll get all that stuff out so since I don't have the fitting that spins on the water hose I just turn it counterclockwise and then so whenever we start tightening it doesn't push that water hose up so just tighten it in there get it pretty tight and then most hearts more so according to see do you want to start the engine before you start the water let that run for maybe a minute just get warm get that old circulate and like I'll talk but over there and I'll cut back so it's been a little over a minute will cut the water off then we'll

go turn jet ski off so here's what I bought I bought this little 12-volt pump off of Amazon it was less than 20 bucks I bought a socket set for the it's called a Torx I think we're gonna use the eight millimeter I'll let you know and this is the kit you can buy your o-ring Loctite even throwing this little funnel but all right so now we have a warmed up tape open this door and you I mean I don't even need to put the camera in here you just hook this pump up to your battery right here hopefully this cheap little pump will turn on all right so now pump works open this right here you have a tool that will help you undo your oil cap if it's stuck I don't think we'll need to though take your old cap ball good thing we've got all you want to be able to measure how much will you take out that I hope knowing how much put in without having to check put it back check again so I just have this old motor ol thing but if you see ya leaders and courts on both sides so we're just kind of whenever we pump it out we're gonna put it straight in here and we'll know how much is in there take this you're using this exact pump you want to

put small hose in I'm going to run it in there and tell it bottoms out bottom down now there's some pumped her out she's warm so she should flow good but the reviews they say that this thing pumps really slow [Applause] this might take a while so I'll see in the net all right so I got the wool out I mean with the pump that I used the hose is pretty flexible which is fun but at first I want to got like I don't know a quart I know that I mean it should be about two quarts so I just play it around move the move the hose around Jack the jet ski up jacked it down eventually got to where I couldn't get anymore now you can see it's right under a court I mean I'm sorry about under two quarts but uh no we got that out I'm gonna leave this off and we're gonna go to the other side and pull the oil filter got the e8e Torx socket all you're gonna do there's three of them I'm gonna try to show you at the camera hopefully you can see it all right there's where your old filter is there's your three bolts now it's a little tight

fit but it's gonna be no problem so I can't hold the camera do this the same time I'm not that skilled so uh I'll show you when I record at all so I forgot to tell y'all but this is just what that the hardware stores like the deep socket it works just fine but I feel like one good thing they have is an extension you don't need to have it but it is nice for one of them the back one you really don't need it at all it's in the way you don't have enough space but the other ones it makes a lot easier if not I mean it's not a big deal but it'll work another thing try not to drop your your socket whenever you're taking them off because the Bolivian down there it's really hard and if I didn't have girl arms probably would have been a long time to get it out so keep that in mind all right so now we got the bolts out reach in there all you gotta do is pull it off this fish in there all right this on the outside just on the inside remember that all right so remember this the part that goes in first on here yeah and description block tape we'll put that on no ring it's only 25 hours old but then put it on because I have it on up

so then take a little ring off put some mole on the new one help it from dry rot and stuff like that put it on but seats real good take oil filter part number is nine five six one two three I don't think you can see that sorry but you can trust me nine five six one two three it'll be in description anyways we're gonna put it in there you've already seen it and really it's kind of hard to hold the camera and not get everything oil and stuff but I mean you saw how the other one came out we're gonna put it in an exact exact same way if that him and on that oil filter I got the other one you got this little rubber piece and you'll see it just it seats whenever you put it in go pop in I mean you might not have an audible pop but you know you can you can fill it go in so that part's not hard alright so once you put the cover on we'll go to the other side I mean I'm not I don't plan on showing the camera in there again cuz you saw how it came out exact same way that it goes in just put it in put your four bolts on there don't over torque them I mean you know you don't want to

go all the threads but put them on there I prefer to do the back one the one furthest away from you first because the hardest one and if it won't go in then you know to throw it across the yard and take it to the dealership before you put the other ones in wish your Tom so anyway that other side we'll see you over there alright well they had sent me a funnel I mean it'll definitely work if you if that's all you have let me use this because it has a little bit of hose and I can kind of manipulate it get it straight so they send you two quarts which I mean perfect and five wait 40 synthetic blend and it's for the serious part now we're just going to fill her up sorry the camera weirded out on me but uh anyways wipe this off put it back in always tighten it down just to get you know perfect greeting going out with it and I know you can't see that but she looks pretty good anyways that's how you do it you can definitely do it you don't have to pay $400 I'm not a professional and that's it's easy it's simple so long as

you have a socket set and you can buy the little kit it has everything you need and that pump I'm satisfied with it it was cheap I will use it every time I change the hole on the jet ski and any of the other toys that I need to change it that I mean any of those toys that I can use it for but um yeah that's it if you'll if you don't mind just like the video if you liked it and subscribe to the channel I'll do stuff like this it's a new channel but I plan on put a lot more content I mean we're going to do some fun adventures we're gonna do some pretty crazy stuff I mean I got plans and we're gonna do some flying a lot of flying but uh hopefully I'm in one of the videos pretty soon we'll take the jet ski out and do something dumb so anyways thanks guys catch our next video