03 November 2019

The End of Ford in America

The End of Ford in America, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Ford Flex review. Ford is ending their small SUV the Ford Flex, is this the beginning of the ...

run up your engine

well it's official ford has killed the Ford Flex they started in 2008 not gonna be negative anymore which is kind of interesting because Ford said they weren't gonna be making any cars except the Mustang but the Ford Flex is an SUV no when they first came out in 2008 people who they loved him or hate him I gotta hate him I thought there was ugliest looking thing on the planet but I had customers about him who thought they were lovely looking vehicles so as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder it couldn't matter beautiful cuz Ford isn't gonna be making it anymore no in 11 years they only sold two hundred ninety six thousand of them so they didn't sell many that each year so they weren't popular for just deciding now we're not selling off of these so we'll ditch that you know it is an SUV it was such an odd shape and it turns out that of course earlier they sold more than they did later because there were I guess so many people that thought that odd shape is cool but after a while all the odd shaped people had already bought bears it wanted them and other people that did like him said that side I'm not gonna buy it so they didn't

sell enough and now it's next on the Ford Flex Anthony camps uh Scotty I'm thinking about buying a know six Jaguar x-type with 160,000 miles for two grand do you think it's a good buy well would be for the person selling it to me because that comes with absolutely nothing those are one of the worst cars ever made a 2006 Jaguar x-type now you know they had some stuff accomplished Ford Ford owned them back man but they were still made in England and they're rolling piles of junk I had one customer she bought one and she ran a trucking firm so she had a lot of money and she brought it to me cuz she'd taken other places somebody told her about me and I said all you need this she said well I remember a place that I said replace it cuz I'm only gonna keep the thing maybe another few months and I'll sell it and she did later on sell it and I said why did you buy this use Jaguar she said well she said I always wanted a Jaguar I said is it out of your system she said yes it's out of my system now I'll never buy another one and she had a lot of money she ran a trucking firm she owned a thing even she was smart enough she

bought the car used for like five grand the Drover's for three forty years and Sharon I'm selling to somebody for three so she got out real lucky on that one don't buy that thing there are rolling piles of junk Kozma says hey Scottie someone's son Oh on jeep cherokee sport with 77 times miles on for five grand what do you think now that was back in 2001 the jeeps were somewhat better made then but they were still Chrysler products I got a customer that bought that same exact vehicle with seventy five thousand miles and he paid fifteen hundred bucks for it okay and he drove it around for years and he had some problems but it wasn't too outrageous that's way too much money for a used Jeep that you're getting absolutely no guarantee on if you can get it cheaper and you like it go right ahead but five grand that's a ridiculous price for a 19 year old Jeep they just are not worth that much money if you like it and a mechanic says it's okay do have a mechanic check it you can't trust anybody but if he says it's good to be able to try to pay a whole bunch less cuz it's not worth $5,000 buying it with no guarantee that's

nineteen years old being a Chrysler product although some electric problems as they age and you're gonna get them if you do buy that vehicle at that age it doesn't matter about the miles the electronics breaks down because of age wiring breaks down the computers just break down from corrosion and the water vapor in the air so don't pay too much for that if you're gonna buy it night night Joseph Scottie I'm looking for a small hatchback car for my family I've been looking at ones like the Honda Jazz and the Toyota Yaris I don't know I'd say get behind the Jazz because the Toyota Yaris isn't a Toyota it's made by Mazda it's a Mazda car that's rebadged kind of crazy and Toyota's been doing it lately with some of their models I noticed that Toyota now is opening a factory in the United States I think it's an Alabama it's in one of the southern states and it's a joint venture between Toyota and Mazda and it's not like they're gonna make Toyotas on one line and Mazdas on the other they're gonna make them all the same factor in the same line so they got something going on with Mazda but the Mazdas aren't as good as Toyotas so out of that

one get the Honda Jazz you'll probably be happier with the Honda Jazz cuz you're not getting a Toyota when you're buying yeah you're getting a Mazda Honda's are better than Mazdas John 54 says I have a 2004 Center and ion if you start in the morning a nod is perfect but as soon as it gets warm it idles rough when you have a car that starts and runs fine when it's called but when it warms up starts idling rough it's generally one of two things some type of a leak in the system the fuel systems you'll pressure regulator a fuel injector that's dripping because a cold engine needs extra fuel so it'll run fine cold if it's getting a little bit too much fuel but once the engines warmed up it has to be perfectly set up or wile poorly this sounds counterintuitive but race cars they're set up to run extremely lean that's why they I don't like crap but at high speeds you want to have a leaner mixture not a richer mixture it's kind of sounds weird but that's how they work so when your engines warmed up it likes to have a somewhat lean mixture going on to it and if it's dripping that it's gonna idle like crap now the other thing is

when it's running poorly price your test a fuel pump fuel pumps and all modern cars are electronic so it could be that you start it up and a fuel pump runs fine but it's electric and after it runs a few minutes it starts getting weak because it's a weak electric part just like you know you can have a broken toaster that it might make one piece of toast but then you try again and it doesn't work right because it's wearing out and it can't build up heat after it did it one time same thing with a fuel pump so when it does run poorly pressure test a fuel pump to see if that's weak Lourdes Nightside from Mississauga Ontario your advice on 2008 to 12 OD that's five with a manual transmission place but it's interesting from Mississauga the first time in my life I ever ate sushi was in Mississauga Ontario what a strange coincidence Sarah how does your endless money pits they just are but that's a manual transmission one of the biggest problems they have are their automatic transmissions they're not long-lasting vehicles they have horrendous resale ducts and I know you live in Mississauga in Canada the car prices are higher

that's just how they are the taxes you have and all that stuff you just pay more for your vehicles Oh out he says they aged become endless money pits for repair now if you find one with low mileage like 30,000 miles or something it might be okay for another 40 or 50 before it starts completely falling apart but do not pay much for use doctor manual yes better idea but still it's an Audi the parts are outrageously expensive and I'm sure they Mississauga they're even more outrageously expensive than our in Houston and there aren't rageous ly expensive here itself I think twice before I buy a used Audi aliments LSS Scotty I like to know if I can use Lego thinner to clean the catalytic converter on my 2010 Ford Focus TDCI no don't that's a diesel the d stands for diesel you cannot use anything like that in the diesel engined diesels worked by extreme compression if you put lacquer thinner and AD you'd blow the engine it might even I've seen him where they actually blew pieces off of the head when they had something like dumb enough is even putting regular gasoline in a diesel tank can do all kinds of damage

with explosions so no that's only for gasoline engines and as long as you diluted one part cleaner to nine parts gasoline it's perfectly okay but in a diesel engine no don't put anything in a diesel tank other than diesel fuel or fuel additives that say they are rated for diesel engines like redline diesel fuel cleaner you can put that in don't there's anything else but it's not that's made for diesels Kurtz 44 87 so Scotty I'm looking at O 5 Toyota Sienna XLE it's a daily driver with 160 thousand miles for 4 grand is this a deal they're good vehicles but that's no deal I'll give you an idea I had a customer and it sold his Toyota Sienna and his had a hundred thousand miles on it and he sold it for two grand to Hispanic guy who was using it for his lawn mower service 4 grand is too much for a 15 year old Santa with 160,000 miles especially since you said it's gonna be a daily driver now if it was gonna be something like a secondary vehicle it'll be ok I try to pay less but as a daily driver in 160 thousand miles I kind of stay clear from that that's too many miles for a daily driver for that kind

of money like I say my customers sold his with a hundred thousand miles and only got four it was a couple of grand so it's too much money and a daily driver hundred sixty thousand my vehicle yeah I wouldn't really do something like that myself because it's too many miles something's gonna break eventually you're gonna put a ton of mileage I look for something with less mileage Wilhemina G says my Ford Taurus gave me the P over 340 code for camshaft position sensor I change the sensor but it's still there help you want to use an OEM sensor you go buy to a discount auto parts store buy the cheapest thing you can a lot of times the Chinese stuff doesn't work out of the box so make sure it's an OEM original equipment you don't have to go buy from the dealer but there's lots of places that will sell the ford motor craft sensors if you put a OM sensor on in the code space then either the wirings bed which you would see it's frayed or something or more commonly the timing chain in your engine when it wears then of course it's stretched out then the data that the cam sensor sends up is gonna be off because even though the sensors working right

the chain is stretched so it's going to be pointed in the wrong direction and the computer is going to get this weird information and it thinks that the Camp Chef sensors bent if it's om sensor and it still doesn't odds are you're gonna need a hole timing chain set which is the real job to put in on one of those v6 engines so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell [Music] [Music]