10 December 2019


yo was good you guys what guys have

wonderful day sorry for late start I tell it gloomy made me tired but yeah enough that yes today we'll be doing the own I was like me changing my oil really quickly on a timer throws fastest oil change hell no I wish so we're heading over to my friend shop right now and um yeah happy using his tools so I guess you can say daddy's money since two hundred sixteen thousand miles two hundred twenty thousand miles and with these older Honda's they're notorious for burning oil I repeat notorious for burn oil make sure you guys always stay on top of that I mean especially the VTEC gun Honda's brah they burned so much oil as 940 um after a while if you don't change your oil on your rpms one'll go past 3500 it will sound like your car's like starting to bog out because it like you know the rev limiter won't let you go past that and it happened to me I'm gonna lie not now but like a long long long time ago before like I started like learning I was just so terrified and you know now I always make sure to maintain my car ok well listen you guys know that the body of my car is ugly but I don't maintain that because I don't care anymore

because I gave up I'm tired of you hating my card it was innocent little are [Music] alright those lines are crazy but you know we got all the stuff do you always think why would I get Carter supply stuff from Walmart okay look it's oil oil is oil just don't don't go cheap don't go to like those cheap low generic brands you got to go to the good ones also think about this if you get oil from like Auto Zone or O'Reilly like oil and oil filter bro it's gonna be like 50 60 bucks I spent Oh 38 bucks in Walmart for the oil dad let me in bro it's cold this is my shop our sex game [Music] thought okay no further you should have seen all the own progress he has done on this car did he bought this thing and it was just like a rolling shell he did engine swap transmission swap he changed I like all that like he James like the whole clutch the clutch kit AJ like all sorts of things he changed his seats in here like dude this man did everything my brothers in the first test of the r6 voila

come on come on how do you feel good well I know it runs I just never got to test if it drives oh shit [Music] hold up we're gonna Jack this car up before we start okay I know it's cheating but you can live with it life isn't that easy I got its freakin BMW in the way so I can't all the way down okay we're gonna find the entryway do pantry so he's going [Music] this is site [Music] dude I'm like I don't want to get my clothes dirty I'm Peter Pan's hot ok so the clock has gone thirty seven thirty seconds in so far 52 seconds in so far she's like water [Music] so far we're a minute and nobody's enough look no all right you ready you put new in I pull the oil in that ring [Music] the oil ring alright put it in so far we're a minute and 33 seconds in [Music]

[Applause] [Music] I'm having trouble uh uh I got the birds almost - you got the turrets finally [Music] our two minutes in 11 seconds in your picture all right go ahead start put a drain bolt back in that's right here all right so so far it's almost three months in all right tighten a nice tight all right all right this I don't will now all right so far I'm stopped about three minutes in I'm stuck crow boy crawl we're at war he's coming out we're at three minutes to three seconds are gonna add oil go ahead on screw that that's so oh shit all right okay get the oil go got the oil bro where's your weapon I was oil all right so far we are at three minutes and 25 seconds all right go put it in blue all right for for for yeah yeah on this side all right go go go go go all right so far three minutes 45 seconds in hold that funnel and pour like you never fought before you just hold the phone in one hand and other hand you pork Oh sighs lazy fuck

or sideways I know I saw a shit four minutes in already adding oil no no we're doing good form is 14 seconds yeah I have to normal and keep in mind guys we're doing this what Jack's not what a lift we're lift it's a lot faster we're in the oil we're at four minutes 34 seconds all right it's not where's the little boys you put it what's the heck you said we should put it all right but in our lowering the car we're at 4:55 we're jumping the car all right for that oil pull out that oil pan and the flashlight all right ratchet all right pretty much done five minutes and nine seconds five minutes ten seconds add that Jack lower it lower all right cars touching exam we are done five minutes and 21 seconds guys that's got to be a record or so sorry look at my hands okay bro we're gonna check the dipstick we're gonna see how hey it's perfect like okay perfecto that's a five-minute oil change guys right there exactly bro like you should hire me at your shop hey should I meet your shop bro all right bro all right bro

well hope you guys enjoyed this video on this is the world's fastest oil change challenge I don't know is the fastest buy it was pretty damn quick I've never done this quick yeah you know I was like hesitating sup but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this video please like subscribe comment please