30 October 2019

Tori B. Tries Tunnel of Terror 2019 | Rich's Car Wash in Daphne, AL

This Halloween season, the GCCW crew took the news station vehicle to get washed at Rich's Car Wash in Daphne, AL. However, they got a little more than just ...


it's all about the scare are you guys ready to get scared I've got three I've got Dylan with me in the W KRG mobile the the station vehicle we're here at ridges car wash not only to get a car wash but also to go through the tunnel of Tears I will see y'all on the other side if we make it out oh my gosh [Music] [Music] it looks like blood [Music] let's [Music] okay if you don't have your Joey fuck they will come in and [Music] so it's a good thing that we have our doors locked because they are banging on our windows and - at least and it's a legit car wash [Music] that really did my gosh that's cool oh that looks so cool with a black leg [Music] [Music] yeah that is terror what is that

there's somebody up here because he just peeked it's horns or something elders [Music] you can think it's not a full moon my goodness y'all [Music] [Music] movie you [Music]