27 October 2019



hey guys welcome back to auto repair

guys thank you guys for watching and subscribing to the channel in today's video guys we will show you how to remove and replace water pump now you guys demonstrate on Dodge Dart but that same 2.4 engine guys it's been used on so many vehicles and I'll just name a few guys dodge dark-dark Jeep Cherokee guys is another one Jeep renegade Jeep Compass caster 203 at 500 X so if you have any of those vehicles with the 2.4 engine procedure should be the same so make sure you stay with us until the end focus will need to drain the coolant will explain how to the vent the coolant where usually the drain plug is located and all that stuff and then we can proceed with removing the water pump please guys subscribe to the channel we'll have more than 200 videos on this engine and every time we get at the shop because our mission is to save you guys as much money as we can so subscribe like the video guys and if you have any questions let us know or leave a comment below let's start on it now so what do we need to do to drain the coolant guys ok you will need to guys get the car on jack stand so you can get underneath it leave the phone and up a

little bit if you can if you have a lift it will be even better ok you can see we have the phone there's a little bit in the air just enough so we can get underneath the vehicle and if you come to the driver side guys ok right here on the back side ok let me get there ok right here there is one drain plug for the radiator guys okay and up drain plug you will need to get players ok to get it loose counterclockwise guys to get that thing loose okay like that yep just a bit more do that only when the coolant is cold guys why because it can severely hurt you guys bugging you so you want to minimize that risk wear gloves eye protection all that stuff don't ask why we don't and what you need to do before you guys get that thing loose okay let me explain quick before we continue your system may be under high pressure guys so on cold angel just open that cap a little bit okay to make sure that there is no okay pressure before you get the pour glues okay how long is this good now I'm going to close it slowly and that way the coolant will not leak out too fast until we situate the bucket so

let's show in our there [Music] it will go then it will stop if it hasn't been guys okay if he hasn't been telling for a long time it will be okay it will be that way [Music] okay it's time for baking you can see we open it now let's see if that's enough okay we'll see if we can turn it a little bit more guys always use gloves don't do what we do okay we need to get the plans to tell me just a little bit more okay this is it guys like that okay the whole quark came out okay that's the whole book now what I'll do okay one person will hold the bucket I'm going to go ahead and open the cap so we will not get any vacuum and everything will come out super fast okay listen up so we're going to let it rain you will not take long poor little take less then less than two three minutes to the end the whole system and we'll show you guys how much we get out of it so we ready guys okay we can go ahead and install the pork always guys okay you have to inspect that holding on the drain plug okay

because that thing sometimes goes bad if you want to make sure that it's good lubricated with coolant so we can install it easily otherwise guys it will be stuck so that's what we will be doing now okay we will just go ahead and get it tight usually if you if you look we get the pork and everything it will go by hand and you may be able to get it tight by hand with no problems guys just getting out it's hard because it's really stuck and that opening in stupid right so as you can see we have no problem installing it by head and getting in touch okay perfect so that's how much we drain we drain a little bit more than an hour out of it so we guys removed as you can see here the air filter box and the engine mount is removed on the Dodge Dart why because we need to remove the serpentine belt practically okay some people will try to do it without removing the engine mount but in our case guys you will have to remove it if you want to see the video guys it's on the channel how to remove the engine mount that way we can have a little bit more room and showing where things are located okay you can see that in towards the back this is guys your

water pump okay right there this is your water pump and serpentine belt tensioner pulley is this one over back so we'll go ahead show you what to do before we remove the serpentine belt so how removed of the Deaf intake as well guys so we can have a little bit more because everything is so tight here so what we are going to need now for that okay we have one ten millimeter okay ten millimeter bolts that we'll need to remove okay right here this one so we'll pull this one out now the difference type so let me have you have the two quick all thousand particles that we use all that will be shared in the description of the video below guys for your convenience okay so this one is out now let me show you what else we need to do here okay just looking so I don't lock things now and I here guys we have one clip okay we'll need to disconnect that clip to come up so I'll get a clip move over to okay and I will go ahead and pull that flip now okay and sometimes those will be stuck okay really bad so I don't want to break it because after

that we have to replace it if I break it guys that's what I'm trying to do now is to get it out this way and this job is extremely stuck so that clip guys I did break it so we have to replace it with a new one okay you can find clips with that post the link guys in the description of the video below where you can buy some from so now with the flat head screwdriver that is one of holes that I'm going to a one clamp for the house that I'm going to get loose here so just go ahead this one loose a couple of evolutions and nothing should come out okay let's see if that is enough now or it needs more okay perfect this will this should be enough so now I'll go ahead and attempt without obese came out guys and we have quite a bit more room now so now with all the wrong guys I can show you this is the water pump we have pity okay three bolts that we need to get loose now while we have the belt on okay one is loose now working on the second one here okay this one's lipstick because otherwise you cannot hold the pulley and get them loose at the same time so get it now while we have the

barrel just get them loose like everything remove them now we'll go ahead and remove the belt next so we're going to remove the belt now 16-millimeter offset box wrench all the tools and parts guides again you can find all that listed in the description of the video below I go clockwise counterclockwise excuse me and I'm going to remove the belt okay let me see how do it fold it I don't pull it down there about the easiest thing to do then just go ahead and remove it okay I'll just put the whole belt because we'll be putting a new belt anyways when we assemble it I always want to replace it if you want to see the belt diagram all that is on the channel as well so the belt is out of the way we can continue guys with the next step so with the belt out of the way and all that stuff guys and we got those boats already loose for the for the pulleys so what I'm going to do I'll get a ratcheting wrench okay like this one here guys I'll go on top of the boat okay and we'll just start taking it off okay at one point they'll start going by hand so we have to just remove them so

I'll go ahead okay let me see if I can have it with two fingers at the same time to unscrew it yep we do fingers it super easy once they start going the balls are short that's what they look like one is out guys I'll go ahead switch to the other one now see where I left my ALG okay we will be doing the second one so let's come a little bit this way so I don't put too much shade that's a good thing they have locked lock washers and once you guys get them lose a little bit they go by him pretty easy okay second ball out now I just have one more and pulley for water pump will come off guys you can she doesn't need much at all so this is the third last boat now okay dish we're moving in now okay hey let's see if we can remove that poorly now of the water pump now we have to remove the water pump itself so let me show you now okay we have guys a spare engine so I can show you in a little bit where all the boats are and what to expect so twelve millimeter socket guys for the next step okay so we'll just video from like right here I will show you okay

where the boat side one by one and once we remove it guys I'll be able to show you a little bit better do you think about those boats okay once you get them loose they usually go by hand now make sure that the coolant is drained you will still leak somehow that's guaranteed guys so put something to collect it make sure you don't leave it like that animals to drink it because they will die okay one is out second boat now you cannot remove this bolt sake if you have the Pouliot because you cannot get to them that's why we that's why we removing them now okay this is the second boat now so we have I think five altogether so Mitch let's make sure that it's five now okay sometimes it's hard to see you guys what I'm doing make sure we stay until the end I'm going to show it where all the boats okay and how demonstrate okay what needs to be down this one boat is a little bit deep so I have a hard time okay removing this one without a socket so let me see if I can grab it maybe okay maybe with this circuit and this telling it that way because it goes all the way deep here

such a limited living guys for another water pound but it's doable you can do it yourself and what I can actually even do a little bit if I need to I can pump the engine a little bit up and they'll be supported with they're okay with the jack stand because we don't have the engine mount connected so we can afford to do that okay looks like this boat is coming off now perfect both number three guys out now we have two more and those are a little bit tricky now why because I need to get a deeper socket for one of them is here or one is towards the back so I got the other two boats please guys it took me a while okay but okay one is out so we should have only five bolts and if you need to buy a new pump guys we have the link in the description of the video below with couldn't and everything if you need something okay you will know where to get it from now this pump will be a little bit stuck okay let me make sure that I don't have more balls but I don't think I do it just a guy's because there is a gasket okay and that gasket will be stuck really really bad so need to tap on it a little bit

so I'll get guys a small screwdriver and I'll see if I can tap on it a little bit okay that's super limited home so let me come on this side now okay you can hear the coolant coming out [Music] so I think guys okay the pump will come out okay perfect HTML oh go ahead lift it up now itself right here guys this is your water pump that's how we remove it this is the water pump gasket you have one okay you can see where I damage it a little bit with the with the screwdriver trying to tap on it so definitely we need new gasket every time you replace it this is one of the guys that goes there and this is another guy second see this is on the engine box oh you guys and check out where all abouts out of five bolts okay we have a spare engine right here with a water pump so I can kind of like demonstrate work at the bolts okay you can see to be on top to on the bottom because the pump is actually okay let me see how exactly it is okay that's how it is on the car okay like that so we have T on top T on the bottom so thank you guys for

watching if you need a replacement one check out the description of the video below we will have the link and see you guys next time