03 November 2019

Why did the the CAR WIZARD buy a Cadillac with a Northstar V8?!?

The CAR WIZARD 🧙 ♂️ buys a '93 Cadillac Seville, a car he recommends NOT to buy, and explains why it was a good deal! CAR WIZARD T-shirt's and ...

welcome back to the wizard shop here we

have previously Tyler's 93 Cadillac Seville this thing was sitting in the shop and I thought I've been looking for a car lately it would look good in my driveway and there it will go let's talk about this car let's take a look at it and see what I actually ended up buying [Music] so most of you who watch movies garage have probably seen this car already on his channel he purchased it in Florida from a an older lady that I think the husband passed away and she just they no longer needed the car it has 66,000 original miles for a 1993 you hear about grandma's church car and she only takes it to church and that's all she does and it hardly racks up to any miles at all this is the epitome of that that's all they did with this car went back and forth to church and whatnot and it's been very well taken care of but I bought this from Tyler kind of in a way sight unseen it was sitting in my shop I've been looking for a car I know that he's not gonna hold on to this car for five years as soon as he's done with he's whatever he's doing with it he's gonna get rid of it I offered to buy it we reached a deal and

it's now mine in the previous video that Tyler had Tyler had taken this to a dealership he got estimates together and he asked me without looking in the car he told me don't look at the car just give me an estimate based on what they found and that's what I did I haven't even looked at the car yet I bought the car without even looking at it that's what we're gonna do today you guys want to follow along with me and see if I did good or if I did bad I don't even know yet so let's get started let's pop the hood oh my goodness it's an early nineties North Star oh no [Music] actually I bought this car knowing that it's not surprised to me in my by this not that Cadillac video that I just did I recommend it for the the public not to buy one of these cars this was on the not to buy list and for your average person who doesn't work on their own cars or is not a professional mechanic this would be this right here would be a car I would recommend not to buy but I bought it knowing that if anything goes wrong with the motor I've already been through this before I have the full Northstar performance

kit already on hand all I have to do is order the studs and gaskets and things and it would be a tedious job a very long drawn-out job but I could do it totally do it without question but this car has been great Tyler drove it all over Florida and never overheated no issues so let's take a look at some of the things the dealership found wrong and see is it really that bad they quoted him $7,000 worth of work let's see if that really would have been necessary to even spend that money or even do the work so one of the things they talked about was the valve cover gaskets let's take a look around you may end up having to look from below but from up above and back here there is some minor seepage you can see it right there very minor seepage with a car this old and I really have a lot of miles but age has gotten to it that's not surprising when we go to lift a vehicle we'll take a look on the the underside of the engine and see how it looks there from up here I don't see any serious leaking issues there's the water pump it looks old dry around there I would say just from up above I would say that

those do not need to be done not worth the cost let's take a quick walk around the car take a look at it the paint on it there's one flaw in the back but other than that I haven't found any other flaws in the paint this is the diamond white color and it's absolutely beautiful look on the interior you can tell that this car has 66,000 miles on it it's not ripped it's not shredded the only thing I do notice are these pillars the fabric is kind of loosening up on it but I know a guy here in town that can fix that for pretty cheap real wood real leather they really did well when building these early 90s Seville's they they really went above and beyond I believe the back seats don't even look like they've been sat on I don't think anyone's even said in them it's like they left the factory here's the flaw that I did find on the bumper there's a scratch there a little gouge and there's bird poop but that's not a defect the rear of this car is really pretty it's got cool styling so as you can see it's in very good shape on the exterior and the interior is in good shape to top the engines nice and dry it runs good let's raise it up in

the air and see what we find there one of the other things the big-ticket item that the dealership quoted Tyler was to reseal the upper half of the crankcase okay I guess you call the oil pan but it's in between the oil pan and the block but they quoted him $4,000 or a little bit more than that to reseal this let's take a look and see would it have really been necessary to do that that big of a job here's the oil pan and it is very very slightly there's a there's nothing dripping there's no hanging drips ready to drip as you can look below it's been sitting here for a couple of days and there's not a drop on the floor absolutely dry if we look up above we can see that it's been seeping for years we can look towards the back back here here's the oil pan and here's this the crankcase they're talking about resealing there's no drips is it leaking yes it's a tiny tiny seepage and it's taking it years to do the little tiny mist of oil that it has and ask yourself this question guys would you spend over $4,000 on this car to fix that no I wouldn't I'm not going to either I'm not going to pull this engine apart for that it's not even worth it so let's start

from the front let's look on our way back let's see if we can see these valve cover gaskets if you can see it there it's kind of hard to see but the valve cover gaskets are dry as a bone nothing no drip at all let's take a look at the back valve cover and we can see that there is some very very minor seepage on the valve cover gaskets I think they quoted them what six or seven hundred dollars to do those totally not worth it it's not even dripping down the block it's not an issue it's not a danger I'm going to enjoy this car and we use it as my daily driver this stuff that we see here will not be repaired I'm just gonna leave it like it is it's not even dripping as you can see on the floor there's not even a drop so another thing they said is sway bar links yeah and I can tell here that the boots are I noticed when I drove it in it was clunking pretty bad and I can tell that's where it's coming from yeah look up there the boots sheared let's look at the other side and you can see this one is the same situation the boots gone dirt and grime has gotten

into the sockets of those and it's shot we're actually I've got some new ones here we're just going to go ahead and replace those on the video today shouldn't take very long and I can zip them on and zip new ones on and that problem will be gone that's cheap and easy I will I will do that and fix that yeah how much does that really cost I think I quoted Tyler a couple hundred bucks parts and labor to do both of those it wasn't very much there are 40 50 dollars a piece and then you got probably an hour labor to do both of them and tax and shop supplies it's not very much take a look up here steering rack is nice and dry some of the stuff guys looks brand new you can tell it's been in Florida it's got a pine needle the exhaust still looks fairly new one thing I did notice is that this front struts have been replaced and then we come back here look at the exhaust it's not even rusted at all it still got its original Sheen to it these are not air shocks this is self-levelling suspension is all that's used for it also has a brand new Arnott compressor up here air shock over here has also been replaced so that's

pretty good there's no rust I mean the bottom of the paint is still intact it's crazy it's truly grandma's church car like it's described it's exactly as described the tires they look fairly decent let's take a look at the date code 2015 so they're about four years old they're getting towards the end of their life as far as age but they still have a lot of tread left on them I'll probably continue to run these that's my personal choice I may not for a customer I might say maybe looking some new tires here pretty soon but for me I'm going to just run them well we've looked underneath we saw that it's in very good shape we saw that the oil pan doesn't need to be resealed not really not for the price the valve covers are not dripping down there's a very small seepage in the back one and that's it that's not worth $700 to replace that these are some of the tactics that you go to a mechanic shop or a dealership though they will tell you oh you've got to do this today you need you can't leave here today this stuff has to be done you need to spend the $7000 no guys take it to your reputable local mechanic

a guy like me if you have one in your area and they will show you just like I've showed you it wasn't detrimental to the cars operation if it wasn't fixed it can go for years that way there's there's nothing serious going on there at all this is a good car it's very clean as we've seen it's in very good shape I don't know as far as the value of the car versus how much he's been quoted to get it fixed what I spend that kind of money to put into this probably not but I've had cars come in here they're way way worse than this and very bad shape that I just want to get him out of my shop but it's like I'll hurt here I'll fix this and I'll fix that and get him out of there this is a nice car I would enjoy work eat for its age you would think oh it's probably hard it's all rusted and everything's but it's not it's really a nice car it's worth fixing up if you're doing the work yourself totally worth it let's go ahead and get these sway bar links for I've got the new ones here I shouldn't take very long you guys can see the wizard in action let's see if you'll come off of just the impact got lucky this is another situation that one of

these tools are very handy they're made by mountain or platinum there's a couple of different brands that makes them it's got two ends on it there on my Amazon affiliates page it's got ratcheting twelve-point teeth in it you can reach way into something and break the the bolts loose let's go ahead and use it on this I can't get an impact or a power tool in here really and it's turning the entire shaft which I expect it probably would so I'll get my vise grips I'm not going to worry about hurting this old one it's already destroyed so okay as you can see this one the boot shot the socket shot whenever you go over bumps it just clunks inside of this socket it's very audible inside the cap and it's like Hong Kong Hong Kong and here's the culprit let's go ahead and get a new one put on this is a pretty easy repair this would be something that most do-it-yourself guys could do in their driveway on a Saturday or Sunday very easy job the ones that I purchased actually have grease zerks so these are serviceable they can be made to last longer so when you go to service the vehicle and oil change I can grease these and hopefully the last longer than

these did as you can see right here there's a hex shaped portion that can be used by a wrench or pliers or whatever I'm going to use these needlenose vice grips just like I did on the other one right on the flats just like that use our same ratcheting wrench put the nut back on once this gets fully seated just put it a nice snug just like soon get our wrench off of there I've already greased these up by the way they've already been greased and ready to go put this one in the top hole okay I might get lucky and if you were to zip it on just real quick so we got that one finished up there'll be no more clunking on the passenger side the driver side is identical procedure just go through the same steps put it on and this clunking noise will be taken care of that totally solves it sway bar links are pretty much the same from one car to the next or B Mercedes or BMW or Cadillac a Hyundai a Kia it's pretty much just a metal rod with two little ball joints on it connects the strut to the sway bar that's all it does those are a wear item they don't last forever they start clunking and they need to be

replaced so that's what we did well I'm gonna let you guys go I'm gonna finish up the other side and then I'll have a nice quiet ride on this car again just like the tool the rinse I just showed you that's on my Amazon affiliates page I have a whole lot of tools listed there guys all the tools I use are there so if you're interested in what I use check it out make some purchases it helps me out and I appreciate it if you haven't subscribed already hit the subscribe button we got many more cool videos to come and I look forward to riding this thing and enjoying the ride on it a nice quiet ride and thanks for watching hate car wizard I think you forgot something what's up bend in the room shouldn't you maybe look to your teespring store to find a hat for your now ball ding head oh yeah I just recently shaved my head you've seen it in Tyler's video he just put out I starting to go bald riding around in here and I decided I'm not gonna do that the comb-over thing so off it goes this will be the car wizard from here on out alright well thanks guys [Music]