01 November 2019

[TUT] How to Change Motor Oil on 1999 Mercedes Benz SL500

This video provides easy, step-by-step instructions on how to replace motor oil on a 1999 Mercedes Benz SL500. Tools used in this video include: 1. Jack 2.

yeah the first thing we're gonna do is

Jack the vehicle up and the interest of safety you will use a jack and then we'll slide jack stands underneath you never really want to be operating on a vehicle with it being held up just with the jack and then we'll put blocks in the back so if you look at the vehicle let's get these little knobs right in front of the the door hinge and that's where you place your jack and then we get the jack stands underneath using the ratchet with the eight millimeter socket go ahead and loosen up there's four flanges hold them up this rash guard here's our drain plug attach a 13 millimeter socket under your ratchet and we'll get it off make sure your drip can is placed strategically below because this can tend to shoot out quite a ways there is gonna be a ring gasket on the other side so don't lose track of that now you can certainly run in an additional court just to clean out some of the old oil it's not necessary something peaceful while watching that oil dripping then noise do ya if you're doing this on a windy day just be aware that as the stream narrows it can really get blown around when you're replacing this drain plug make sure it's not don't

don't worry about cleaning the thing because you want a little bit of oil to provide a suction so that it stays on there and doesn't leak some thanks I'm gonna take that finger make sure that it's got enough oil on your gasket and you don't need to crank this thing on completely clean up the rest of them to Bri with a hand towel let's go ahead and pop there's a release latch right here feels like the trigger of a gun when you pull it you'll hear it click and then underneath the emblem there'll be a slide latch pull it toward you and lift up now this vehicle doesn't have an attachment arm it'll just stand up by itself and now we'll focus so position your drip pan about underneath where your oil filter is just in case there wasn't in case there is a little bit of drip edge and then we'll go up and loosen up the filter I'll be using this belt really when you put these on you only hand tighten them so they shouldn't be SuperDuper tight usually with these types of filters you don't get too much driven now unlike the domestic vehicles this filters a little bit different this is a CH 84 81 when you open it up you're gonna notice it's

not like the traditional hard shell this is gonna be a filter along with a series of graduated ring gaskets what we're gonna do this is ring gasket all up the shaft here so we'll pull off the filter it's about to get dirty and then using a flathead screwdriver we're gonna go through these gaskets top and usually the bigger the gasket the easier it is to get off see in a second you got a needlenose pliers that also can come in so your fingers are gonna be all slicked with oil I want you to do is rub those fingers around the gasket before you place it locate your biggest one as you can see there is a groove just find that groove place it in there slip that filter back on make sure you push it all the way to the top I always put it just a touch harder than hand tight we're gonna be using 5w30 full synthetic one so that's six in the tank right now what I'm gonna do is check the dipstick and see where we're at we're getting close dipstick is located at the back in right now just slightly above the minimum what you want so we'll stick a couple more right now we got six

in there usually at the 8 quart mark you're really starting to get close people off the manual says 9 quarts [Applause] you're gonna go over doing it now before you lower the vehicle putting it all back together fire up the engine make sure that you don't have any spurts of oil any loose plugs or anything [Music] may be hard to see but looks like this is maintaining a nice feel and going we've actually done a really clean job no dripping at all let's kill the engine and put it all back together [Applause] [Music] the spot I like is good go go go ahead still go go [Music] now before you lower the vehicle